Outdated cream on sale at SuperValue Quality Market Store

Outdated carnation cream sold 2 for $1 at Supervalue. Where are the regulators?!

NASSAU| SuperValue Quality Market Store committed a cardinal sin against shoppers on Monday morning as it pushed onto the aisles of one of its popular stores outdated cream on sale.

Now cream, for those who don’t know, would be the main ingredient for popular holiday dishes like macaroni, with tons prepared for the holidays.

The food chain is now stuck with one pile of OUTDATED condensed milk cans which, in one trolly, were being sold for 2/$1.00 VAT FREE! We at BP, observing this cancer being pushed on shoppers, asked the questions: Where are the health inspectors whose job it is to protect residents from this crime?

Where are the control officers who are supposed to examine on a daily basis what is being sold around here and ensure that it passes the quality test for consumers?

And where is the WUTLESS GUTLESS Media of the Bahamas whose job it is to make sure these infractions are highlighted to warn residents of the dangers and threats posed when shopping all around the country? By damn, ya can’t think you could sell the outdated cream and BP ga sit by and watch yinner get away with this, eh?

Rupert Roberts, you should know better! 

Shoppers must read the labels carefully on the items they purchase in stores all across the country. Check the dates of expiration. Don’t just pick up the items; examine the pricing tagged inside the store and, when you see something is not right, send your concern to Bahamas Press cause looks like all the health inspectors are asleep at the wheel around here!

And don’t expect Minnis dem to be concerned – they hoping everyone who cussing them are sick near to death! Ya see what Duane Sands said recently: He is not building any hospital. And ya see he firing Bahamian doctors and bastardizing nurses. Keep y’all eyes on DEM!

We report yinner decide!