ZNS Facility Decay into a Dump-site


DUMP sitting on the government’s property at ZNS Blue Hill Road southern facility.

Bahamas Press believes that there are some among us who have not pledge their allegiance to the Flag of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. And we believe it is those who sit in the high seats all over this country who is allowing it to decay and descend into WUTLESSNESS!

One of those groups who sit at the gates of this city whose allegiance lies not with the Bahamas are some in the WUTLESS MEDIA, who day after day avoid reporting the Truth all around them. And here’s an example.

BP visited the transponder site of ZNS at Blue Hills South near the sea and here is another facility, which is left in ‘NAKED ABANDONMENT’. The grass is so high one can hide in it. The garbage at the location is rimming over. But here what is worse. On that site in the front of the Government’s private property someone’s old boat sits. The boat makes the facility look like a dump site. Someone has decided to do boat repairs on the government’s property.

When will ZNS get their act together? It is common for thieves to steal the copper at this location, yet the public asset is left in ruins and is becoming an open garage dump. If ZNS would only stop VICTIMIZING it’s professionals and begin focusing on protecting its assets, then and only then will we as a country be doing better.



  1. hubert ingraham, this is your wutless government in action!!!! fire tommy T. like u did with the albino mongoloid, carl bethel!!!! one wutless bunch of sh%^

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