ZNS GONE WILD! Look what taxpayers pay for – When some government workers are not locked down in a minister’s office look what they do!


More money through VAT to further break the treasury!

ZNS staff behaving rude at it wild parties paid for by taxpayers - LOOK WHAT VAT WILL BE PAYING FOR!

BP IN DA ROOM!!!! >>>> You never know where BP is these days and last night we got the shock of our lives… Talk bout the preacher boy gone wild. This was the scene at the ZNS Party last night.

Staff taking backshots on the PLPs; riding dem like like a donkey. [BP Shake HEAD]. This was ZNS anchor Clint ‘TOO MUCH TO DRINK’ Watson riding a PLP.

Look what the ZNS Baptist Chairman approved and spent public money on? BOY I TELL YA! They ga VAT US AND WE GA WAP DEM!!!! 2017 can’t come quick enough!