ZNS has become UNSAFE TO WATCH and the political colouring and lack of professionalism is hard on the eyes!


News Director lacks professionalism and should be thrown from the second floor – ZNS returns to the dark ages!

BP SUNDAY SPECIAL >> ZNS is still the #1 SMUDGY Station in the Bahamas, coloured with politically jaundiced bias!

Nassau, Bahamas –– Besides looking “graphics-pretty” on screen, it appears as though ZNS is once again hitting rock bottom. The so-called ZNS News Director seems like he doesn’t know his role. Maybe he doesn’t, seeing that the PLP took him from making their campaign graphics to be the NEWS DIRECTOR of ZNS News.

What a transformation!

Firstly, he knows nothing about NEWS. Secondly, there is a stand out WHITE BAHAMIAN in the newsroom with a Masters degree who can run circles around him any day who, no doubt, is doing his work. Why isn’t he the News Director instead of being banished behind the scenes and thrown on TV as a stand in Sportscaster or stand in News Anchor?

What has been more than noticeable recently is the News Director’s defence of his PLP party. Had he been a qualified journalist, he would know that a journalist should remain publicly neutral and never make it blatantly known which party he or she supports. This News Director, however, spends most of his time on Social Network defending the PLP, its Ministers and policies.

In which country does one know of a News Director who goes around involving him or herself in politics publicly? That person would be immediately fired!! However, under this dispensation, anything goes apparently and what makes matters worse, this News Director is the first cousin of the Prime Minister’s wife so he feels, like the others, he is ENTITLED to do whatever he pleases in the name of the PLP.

Only in The Bahamas does this sort of thing happen with no consequence. ZNS news is full of errors and missed stories, but instead of concentrating on fixing his product, the hapless News Director plasters the news with good graphics and runs off to cyber space to defend his PLP. If questioned by his staff about his actions, they find themselves removed from the news or placed on some God-awful shift while others who play his game are given easy shifts. So we see a trait of pettiness and spite in this News Director – a trait that would not be evident if he knew what he was doing.

So once again, just when one thought it was safe to watch ZNS News, it has been thrown in the hands of someone more passionate about his PLP than perfecting his product. The last QUALIFIED News Director must be rolling around on his carpet laughing at the shambles the ZNS Newsroom has fallen into. Obviously recorded newscast restarting four times in one night before the problem was solved is only one of the ills that plagues ZNS News. Clearly Cable 12’s News Break is running circles around ZNS News but the News Director is too busy fussing out anyone who says something he feels is negative about his PLP on Social Network.

More and more viewers are now tuning in to Cable 12’s News Break to get what they call the REAL NEWS, because they can only find the top foam of news on ZNS News. Many stories are suppressed by the PLP News Director because they don’t put his PLP in a good light. And, to make matters worse, many journalists, and other news related staff, working at ZNS have to pretend to be PLP supporters to keep themselves safe from the spite of the News Director. It seems like the place has returned to the Dark Ages. WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS???

BP advises the News Director to get his act together. The world is watching you! Stay neutral! The PLP can defend itself! Stop being so unprofessional!

We report yinner decide!