ZNS has gone to the dogs – Bishop must be fired from the BCB


World Relays may be canceled as government doesn’t have the money!

Rev. Thompson

Nassau, Bahamas – The Christie government is facing the daunting task of getting the country back on track after being derailed for five years under the former Ingraham Regime. However, despite the mess, compounded corruption and political ineptitude that faced the FNM while Ingraham was in power, the PLP government – if it does not get its act together quickly – could get blow out of power while trying to fix the country’s engine and here’s what we mean.

Since coming to power, rather than appointing a Chairman of the BCB who can restructure ZNS, the PLP government decided to hire a Bishop for the job.

And since the appointment of William Thompson to the top job at the BCB, ZNS has gone from bad to worse.

The corporation, which is heavily funded by the taxpayers of the Bahamas, has become comatose when it comes to quality transport of news and information to the people. This past week Wednesday, while Prime Minister Christie was on his feet in Parliament, ZNS camera and crew haul ass down Mackey Street to the FNM headquarters to hear what new attack the Leader of the Opposition had for Christie.

While Christie spoke before the lunch break in the House, ZNS 1PM newscast carried not a damn word on the Prime Minister and MP for Centreville – WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?

But come Sunday and Bahamians got the shock of their lives: ZNS, at the height of the World Games underway in Moscow, suspended its sports newscast nationwide!

It’s Unbelievable!

And the suspension comes at a time when a Bahamian athlete has been banned from the Moscow Games for doping! Thank goodness for Bahamas Press.

William Thompson should obey the biblical creed and remember faith without works is dead! One must ask the good Bishop whatever kind of Prayer Meeting he is holding up at ZNS is clearly backfiring on the hardworking Christie Administration which is in dying need of PR.

The Tribune, Guardian and the rest of the Wutless Media of the Bahamas are having a field day on the New Government and ZNS, with the millions funded by taxpayers, is laying down on the bed like the crippled man at the pool of Bethesda.

Someone needs to fix ZNS not just fast but right-a-way cause two more days of this WUTLESS MANAGEMENT at the BCB and the Christie Government could be headed out the door before its term ends.

In other breaking news, we can report the Government is having a tough time meeting the standards for the World Relays slated for the Bahamas. Our sources in the know tell us an almost tearful meeting was held in the Bahamas for the relays – which is expected to attract the world to the Bahamas!

We are told some 700 athletes could show up for the event and their demands for spa and massage facilities and an upgraded track is too hefty for the public purse. From all accounts we are hearing the event could be cancelled. No word from the Minister has come, and from what we hear – he don’t know what in the hell to do!

All we say is this: it looks as if the Christie Government is headed for another national embarrassment – and the people jacking up the new government are still on the public payroll.

We report yinner decide!