‘Papa’ Ingraham Calls on US Coast Guard to Help Send New Haitians Back to Haiti


Haiti fleeing copy

Nassau, Bahamas — It looks like the self-proclaimed Big Papa of the Bahamas, Hubert Ingraham is over the sympathy he first displayed for Haitians following the January 12 catastrophe quake. The Prime Minister originally stated that he would release over 100 migrants who were at the detention centre and called off officials rounding up illegal Haitians.

Bahamas Press can confirm that the 78 Haitians that were intercepted in Exuma waters will be going back. The group was spotted in a 30-foot sailing sloop approximately 13 nautical miles southwest of Barretarre on Saturday, February 6th by the Defence Force vessel HMBS P-45. The Haitian migrants, 64 males and 14 females, were transferred from their unseaworthy vessel and taken aboard Defence Force craft P-45 and P-49.

The migrants, all of whom appeared to be in fair health, have been transferred to HMBS Bahamas. The United States Coast Guard is assisting the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in returning the migrants to Haiti.


  1. I can’t be bother with Papa, because he look like he don’t know what he want do with these people. I thought he was detaining the women and children and charging the men before the courts and then sending them to Her Majesty prison. Now it want look like he gone and change the rules again and aint tell nobody nothing. I guess it all depends on what mood he in.

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