Garbage Truck Turns over with load of trash


AMDB19 211

Nassau, BahamasShortly after midnight on New Years Day ,a hardworking driver met the challenge of 2010 in the face when his heavy duty dump truck flipped in the public dump. The driver, called out to cover the extra loads created during the holidays, was shaken but not stirred by the experience. It was a pleasure to see the heightened professionalism of the Police, EMS personnel and the Fire Services Department.

Director of the Environment, Melanie McKenzie, was with concern on the scene to ensure that the well being of her staff members. The truck was severely damaged. Seen in this photo is a police officer recording the incident.

Just one question from Bahamas Press, “Was the driver intoxicated?” Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. BP has every right to question whether or not the driver was intoxicated. The other evening a little after 11:00 PM, the garbage truck came around in my area to collect the garbage. They would come around late like that every now and then. Anyway, after they finished throwing out my garbage they came to the front door and they wanted to know if I had anything to give them for Christmas and I told them, I was sorry I didn’t have any cash on me at the time and to hail me the following week when they in the area again. Then that’s when they asked me, you don’t even have one or two cold beers in the frig to give us, so my response to them were, “but you all on duty.” That’s when they got offended and asked me, “You think we is children aye?” I say no, I aint mean like that, I just don’t want yall to get drunk and can’t finish your jobs. By this time my husband got fed with our dialogue back and forth and grabbed a six pack of Budweiser out the refrigerator and handed it to them and wishes them Happy Holidays and shut the front door. So you know when I saw this picture with the Garbage Truck turned over on BP, I was quick to show him it and blame him for it, I told him, “it them same Budweiser you gave them people, that caused this accident….lol….

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