Raynard Rigby: "Wake up Mr. Leader, Wake up!"


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Nassau, Bahamas — Commentary is flowing down the pipelines of the PLP like a tributary leading into the hungry ocean. Another politico has written commentary on the latest SAGA hitting the PLP. Former Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party, Raynard Rigby, has penned comments to his facebook page calling on the leader of the PLP to wake up. Raynard Rigby writes:

RIGBY: One would have thought that given the conduct of Malcolm Adderley after the 2007 general election that the PLP would not be surprised at his recent decision to resign from the Party. I am advised that Mr. Adderley never attended the PLP parlaimentary caucus meetings and had essentially withdrew himself from participating with his fellow PLP MPs. Given these realities, amongst the many other signs, should not the PLP have been fully prepared to face the political check-mate that Mr. Adderley was planning? This is more the case after a similar departure by Kenyatta Gibson.

For me, the PLP’s stance and its response were both indicative of political weakness and ‘soapish” politics. malcolm-adderley

The truth of the matter the Leader ought to have demanded of Mr. Adderley to either join the caucus or resign from the seat. This ultimatum should have been communicated to Mr. Adderley at least 2 years ago.

This event along with the continued silence of the Leader give the obvious impression that the PLP is clueless and has no anwser, no approach and no politcal will to address the internal issues facing the Party. I would love to know what steps were taken by the “find-Malcolm” Committee.

The Bahamian people want to know whether the Leader is now fast asleep at the wheel. After all it was the Leader who said publicly that he ought to have been notified of any possible challenge to his position prior to the October 2009 convention so that he is not caught sleeping at the wheel! Has he fallen back to sleep? All signs lead to a resounding Yes.

Wake up Mr. Leader, Wake up!


  1. Why don’t we just throw all of ’em FNM andPLP in a pit and see what comes out?The outcome for the public will be the same as we got nowUSELESSNESSUntil the treasury teat dries up, not long now, we will still be subject to MISCREANTS and INCOMPETENTS.But, we Bahamians seem to like getting Jook by our own.

  2. I agree with Raynard to a degree.. I still think that PC is better than HI for this country any day. PC is better for this country on his worse day than HI is on his best day!!

    But PC is really getting on my nerve more and more each day. He knows just what the people want but he just wouldn’t give it to them. I am beginning to wonder if PC even has the ability to change! He has NOT shown that he is any different since the convention than he was a year ago..

    I will continue to say that BJ made his move at the wrong time.. He should have waited until this year to challenge PC seeing that PC was already being challenged by Paul!!

    After all the promises that PC has made during since the convention, I have no evidence that he has delivered on any.. I have a strange feeling that BJ will lead the PLP into the next general election if PC does not do better than he is doing right now!!

    • Sure not living up to your name, Objective Thought.  Either PC is a good leader or he’s not.  leading a Political Party is ions simpler than leading a government.  I assure you you, no FNM MP would have played the game that Adderley played and survived membership in the party.  He would have been dealt with decisively!   Fact is PC is weak…everyone knows it.  HI is a true leader and things are getting done.

  3. this is truly disturbing why cant this party resolve its issues effectivley without john q public’s involvment and the media that doesnt do them(plp) any favours.seems as if adderley didnt wan t to tow the party line then he should have been dealt with according to the rules of the party malicousness spite and vitrol have no business in good decision making …the leader must adopt a proactive posture let the peopleknow what to expect if roberts doing the talking then say so cause the people expect to hear mr christie voice he must dispell the myth of pussy-cat with soft paw and allow the leader in him to shine failure to do so will result in a slow and painful political death by 1,000 cuts

  4. why anyone would follow Perry Christie is beyond me…lazy and unfocused r just two words to describe him…the man is simply not up to the task and more caught up in the trappings of simply being called a leader…what a waste…if u r not interested in what u ran for, pls resign/retire and hit the speaking tour!!

  5. Mr. Raynard good lecturer at COB… VERY GOOD . He just summed up what Ive been preaching from DAY ONE about Adderley…. CHRISTIE DONT CARE ABOUT ELIZABETH….. 2002 – 2007 Malcom didnt do NOTHING BUT PROMISE…. Perry heard the complaints but refuse to do anything now MALCOM KEEP HIM IN THE BACKSIDE….. HE LOOKED FOR IT! Serious times calls for TESTED Leadership.

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