Ingraham gets ready to put his man in Elizabeth


Sand in

Nassau, Bahamas — The saying “A picture says a thousands words” is so true. What will the world think or is thinking of the Bahamas when one man possess or again is alleged to possess all of the answers. The well-trained disciplined lame duck sitting attentively behind his ‘Pappie’ is Dion Foulkes.

The newest duck to emerge to the front lines in this flock of incompetent hippies is another all hearing and all knowing Dr Duane Sands. Only God knows how he and Hubert Ingraham will both survive in the same cabinet should his bid be successful in contesting the Elizabeth by-election.

We want to test your instinctive talents by you telling BP what this picture says to you. Could Ingraham be sharing his thoughts on the cure of Alcoholism or is he warning Dr Sands to immediately dissect his testicles, as there is only one man in the Ingraham Cabinet who should possess balls and that is HAI himself?


  1. I agree with Eagle that Dr. Sands is needed much more in medicine than in politics. For years now, the Bahamas has been building a cadre of brilliant physicians and surgeons, making it unnecessary in most instances for people to go abroad for medical treatment. However, it seems that several now are departing the field medical practice, which is their right, but which is going to leave a void in the medical services available here. We will probably see a return to the old practice of patients going away for treatment, thus burdening the medical insurance companies with much higher claims and causing families much more inconvenience.

  2. I would hope that the constituents of Elizabeth, remember Dr. Duane Sands. He vehemently fought against the National Health Insurance.Pay him back, when he comes to your door, ask him his views on health insurance, and why he opposed it.

  3. Looks like more brains in the FNM Cabinet.  This is poised to be the most intellegent Cabinet in our history.  My only concern is that the country needs Dr. Sands in the field of medicine more than in government. For those who think the country is in bad shape now, I assure you that we would have been ten time worse had we made the mistake of returning the PLP to office in ’07.  We are experiencing a worldwide recession, and the FNM is managing it quite well.Eagle

  4. Well BP let’s see, a glimpse at the picture says Ingraham is putting the fear of God in little “Dwaynee” . Ingraham : ” ya see dat as_ in da ba dere he een lisen ven i tell eem time ta sit down; so i run he fool bakside gainst Alfred”. “hee hee hee” Dwayne ya is an intelligent young man and I believe you have what it takes to run da bahamas… (lol this is what Ingraham tells all the greedy fools) you follow my plan and I ga bring ya through”Dr Sands: ” well PM let me say how glad I am to be chosen to be one of your hired servants. I want to ensure you that I will not let you down. I bring with me  a wealth of money and knowledge but of course you already know it all sir so to thee I give my money”…

  5. This is not a D-Day, this is a distraction, will this help uplift  anyone during these trying times Media?, this is some whack . ****, and we are focused on the bright light, while our nation hurts.

  6. Didn’t we warn the PLP Awakened that this day was coming? Why didn’t they fired Malcolm? No one listened, well D-DAY is coming.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. This is just another distraction from the terrible way this government is running the country, yes a sea of red will make things better, how easily we lose focus, will this bi-election make things right in the country?, will one more seat for anyone of these parties make a difference, HAI needs to get to work, how long must the games continue?, I feel sorry for us.

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