Subleasing Signs on Prince George Wharf!!!



Bahamas Press wishes to inform the public that a major rip-off is in the making.

The scene of the impending rip-off is Prince George Wharf! The burglary tools to be used are the signs on Prince George Wharf. The valuables to receive will  be cold hard cash in the millions, of dollars by way of a company named Caribbean Originals Ltd.

Bahamas Press’ initial investigations have confirmed that Mr. Levant Carey is registered as the President of the said company. But even if you only know the name Lavant Carey, it would gross negligence at-best not to look a few times before you leap, while asking who is behind him pulling strings for the said company to have exclusive rights to put up signs on Prince George Wharf from now until forever, if the impending rip-off is successful!

The questions Bahamas Press has for now is:

  • 1.    What government portfolio would be responsible for advertising through visual aides, such as sign, on Prince George Wharf?
  • 2.    What could prevent a company with abnormal exclusivity from subleasing out the rights to put up signs to other persons under all manner of cruel stipulations?

Bahamas Press does not speculate nor play games when it comes to the life, the liberty and the money of Bahamians. Somebody in the Government had better turn back from this path of an impending rip-off, or face the consequences at the end of the path. As far as Lavant Carey is concerned, he can’t help but walk that path because that’s the only one he’s known from birth!