Ya can't find Jerry Roker in Town! [Alvin Smith] But he's not at a conference either


alvin.jpgNew Delhi, India — Where is Alvin Smith, Speaker of the House of Assembly? Where is Jerry Roker?

Bahamas Press has information, which confirms the Speaker went to India. But guess what, the conference was OVER since last week Friday. Bahamas Press was tipped last night by an FNM insider who confirmed the Speaker is now in hiding. PLAYING GAMES, playing hide-bo-peep. WHAT NEXT!? We understand the next spin will be Alvin went to the doctor and is ill.

The FNM insider said, “Hubert Ingraham is running scared. he’s in a panic and has asked Smith to stay out of the country for several more days. Without a notice from the Speaker there will be no Writ of Elections issued and das dat. Its a stall tact-tic by Hubert again. ” So where is the Speaker?

Where is the Speaker to deliver the notice to the Governor General? Bahamas Press smells a RAT [A MISSING SPEAKER PLOT!!] Where’s the WUTLESS MEDIA ON THIS? WHAT NEXT HUBERT, WHAT NEXT! Come get ya cut-you-know-what and move onto the second phase!


  1. Yawl Full a Jokes !!!Elizabeth is up for Grabs and we all know who gat the Biggest Hand.Now, BP, If you indicated already that the election will be Febuary 5th and if I was to use that inaccordance to the ordinacne of Law that place the writ to be issued on Wed or Thursday the Latest. Be careful of them Insiders, as you would if someone is inside then the other is getting _ _ ck. Planting seeds for trap jaws is normal in politics and you have to treat those kinda info with a grain of Salt.As for the race itself, it can set the stage for a further division in our people at a time of Focusing ourselves out of this depression. We need to hold each other hands and pool our thoughts to balance the needs and wants of Our people and judging from the first blow by the PLP Chairman its going to be an all out Nasty exercise and will distract the Focus from the other 39 seats and their development for the next 30 days. Febuary 10th is more like though, not 5th.

  2. Now this is really laughable. BP you’re really grasping at straws here. It’s amazing that the tribune was able to locate him yesterday to get a statement as seen in the article in today’s paper. i guess BP wasn’t really looking for him. From what i gathered it seemed it was the PLP who was looking a bit scared as they were the ones who werent sure whether they would run a candidate or not. 

    • I dont know where you got your information ftom but the PLP never said that they would not run a candidate.The PLP is far ahead in their participation in the Bye Election and are off and running.Even perennial critic bahamasyouth is pissed that he has not seen a sea of red.get your facts straight b4 you speak.And tell your people to stop cussing as that tactic will not work against the PLP.

  3. WOW…. Well THE PLP is CAMPAIGNING HARD in my area I talked to them all night. I enn see FNM YET!!!!!!!!….. I gat bills to pay yinno well like dey say TINGS TUFF!

    • Show PAPA that you do not believe in his brand of politics by voting PLP.You have met the PLP candidate and know that he is down to earth.You iknow that he is his own man  and young like youi and able to relate,Vote PLP by placing the X in the hand.We are friends despite our rhetoric on this site but both of us are different from PAPA.Vote PLP and help to defeat the Armada like Queen Elizabeth did against all odds.

  4. New Delhi, Jan 4 (IANS) The 20th Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth (CSPOC), hosted by the Indian parliament, started here Monday with a meeting under the chairmanship of Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar.

    However, the conference, being attended by 50 speakers and presiding officers from 42 parliaments in the Commonwealth Jan 4-8, will be formally inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Tuesday at Vigyan Bhavan. He will also deliver the keynote address.

    ‘This is the third time the Indian parliament hosts the CSPOC. India had earlier hosted the conference in 1971 and 1986,’ Meira Kumar told reporters in parliament.

    A total of 250 guests, including 34 clerks/secretary generals of Commonwealth parliaments and 34 speakers and presiding officers of state legislatures, are also attending the conference, the speaker said.

    ‘The aims of the conference are the maintenance, fostering and encouragement of the impartiality and fairness of speakers and presiding officers of parliaments, the promotion of knowledge and understanding of parliamentary democracy in its various forms and the development of parliamentary institutions,’ she said.

    The CSPOC was created in 1969 as an initiative of then speaker of Canada’s House of Commons, Lucien Lamoureux.

    The last conference was held in London in 2008.

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