Why is the FNM responding for the Chief Justice Sir Michael 'Da Predator' Barnett?


barnettmichael2<<< Sir Michael Barnett

Nassau, Bahamas — There is one serious question members of the WUTLESS MEDIA and MEMBERS OF THE JUDICIAL AND LEGAL SERVICES COMMISSION must begin to ask themselves and that question is, WHAT WAS SIR MICHAEL DOING UP IN ‘LIZZY’ [Elizabeth] THE SAME TIME HUBERT INGRAHAM COULD BE HEARD CUSSINGOUTSTINK RESIDENTS?”

No one wants to touch it. The press is mute over it. The legal fraternity is speechless. What was the CJ doing, CAMPAIGNING WITH INGRAHAM?

Bahamas Press has eyewitnesses, including a More94FM talk show host who told his listening audience, he personally also saw the CJ in his car in the area.

Bahamas Press would not dismiss the comments made by tired Carl Bethel who rushed to the station to clear up the matter. Bethel agreed with our report saying the goons of the Prime Minister was up in Elizabeth, but said the CJ is a citizen, and he can go where he wishes. Hmmmmmm!

In a press statement circulated to members of the WUTLESS BIAS MEDIA, the FNM said:

The Free National Movement absolutely denies a mischievous rumour being circulated by Internet and radio thatthe Hon. Chief Justice, Sir Michael Barnett, was at any time on Sunday past driving through the ElizabethConstituency with the Prime Minister, or anybody else in a political capacity.

In fact, it appears that during the morning when it is alleged that the Chief Justice was driving in the area of the Elizabeth Constituency he was, in fact, attending a church service. [BP NOTES THE RED MASS WAS ALREADY FINISHED BEFORE 1230:PM]bethelcarlfnmconv09

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham was indeed driving in the Elizabeth Constituency on Sunday past. He was, at different times, accompanied by Party Chairman CarlBethel, AlfonsoBoogalooElliott, Dr. Ronald Knowles, AaronKiKiKnowles , and no one else.

The FNM would like to urge the Bahamian public and especially the people of the Elizabeth Constituency to be on guard against rumours that are bound to be churned out by the PLP’s rumour mill in the run-up to the by-election.

We also call on PLP Leader Perry Christie to repudiate the purveyors of this kind of mischiefmaking that does no credit to the political process and can do irreparable damage to our national institutions.” The statement read.

As far as damage to the institution of the Judiciary we say, the FNM has done colossal damage already!

Everyone in Bahamaland knows Bahamas Press is a bold voice in this community. We circulate information from the PLP, theFNM, the NDP, the BDM and from the Workers Party . We have the most independent voice this country has ever seen and so for the statement to suggest someone should be quelling rumours then they had better been think again.

We at BP are concerned, deeply concern, with the FNM’s deep, nasty and rotten umbilical ties to the Chief Justice of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. We are concerned because former CJ Sir Burton Hall warned the executive of such NASTINESS prior to him demitting office. We are concerned about this because it is strange to hear former Cabinet Minister in a New York minute turns from an Attorney General – at the beginning of the week – is CJ by the end of the week. These kinds of NASTY APPOINTMENTS only occur in countries like Zimbabwe and North Korea.

Bahamas Press in its full form, gripped with its newfound editorial supremacy, asks the FNM, why would Carl Bethel continue to speak for and on behalf the Chief Justice? The CJ sits in an independent branch of government and can speak for himself! He needs no help from the FNM or does he?

In any case, we in the REAL fourth estate of governmentfree from the claws of MUGABEcries SHAME ON THE CJ for his political meddling in Elizabeth over the weekend and we cry SHAME ON THE FNM for responding on behalf of Sir Michael once again!



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  2. why are you people always defending these ploiticians? they don’t care about us. if they did they would have lowered intrest rates at the banks during this time of recession to make things easy for bahmians who lost their jobs and remember your deputy prime minister practically owns commonwealth bank. Oh and by the way I live in this area and saw him also. 

  3. Listen eagle eye, say what ya like, the CJ was in the area. I know for a fact NO CATHOLIC CHURCH goes in at 9 and comes out after 12. Barnett don’t which to be in the Courts much less the church. Yinner better wake up and smell the Becks Beer!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. If he was not in the area people why is the FNM statement saying he was in the area passing by on his way from church.  If he was downtown to church and he live in the West then why was he in the East

    • The FNM statement doesn’t say that.  It says “alledged”, meaning alledged by the conspiracy theorists, BP and Ortland Bodie.  Don’t you get it? It’s all a fabrication.  The Cheif Justice was nowhare in the east on Sunday past.  He spent most of the day in church where he attended two seperate services in his official capacity.  

  5. If I was being accused of sexual malfesance and bringing my office into disreputeI would defend my name to the end degree given his position of office he cannot do the same……he should have been beyond reproach hence why this appointment is skewed……..I know not the facts so I make no accusations…….Surely pappa can see his error in these appointments just by the shear exposure to political attack and in this case personal attacks this will be the “Dirty Laundry Elections” plp fnmbdm ndp and whomever have the answers make sure ya pants dem clean before you enter the fray

  6. Well Micheal said he was going church so I dont know. But it still is a VERY SUSPICIOUS THING and Ingraham is up to something.

  7. I will apologize for the language, but not speaking the truth. BP you are trying to stir problems.

    • Krossova, the CJ is well aware where he was at : 12:30 to 3:30 PM in Elizabeth. He know why he was there and who summoned him to be there.

      We seek no argument on this, TRUST US, we have the pictures. We have the witnesses and we have the police report against that DUTTY MOUTH Ingraham. In the fullness of time the truth shall be revealed for all and sundry to see.

      Stay Tuned!

      Bahamas Press/Edition

      • Come on, BP.  Just because you repeat something over and over and over does not make it true.  Eagle personally saw the CJ leave the Cathedral at around 1:00pm on Sunday.  It will be interesting what your police report would say because later on the same day,  just before 2:30, the CJ was at the Police Church service at St. John’s Baptist Church on Meeting Street.  It’s not like people didn’t see him at these services!  Come on man, ‘fess up.  Between 1:00 and 2:30 could he have gone home out West, change out of his judge’s attire, pick up Ingraham, go out East to campaign, go back out West to change into a suit for Church?…more than a bit of a stretch, wouldn’t you say?

    • Sexy T, we demand you withdraw your language and apologize to our 5 million monthly readers or face banishment from BP.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

    • BP, 5 million monthly readers???  lol…u r not serious r u?? who is that interested in bahamian politrickS??

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