14 Dead Bodies Recovered from the Sea



A tragic incident occurring at sea on Sunday morning left the bodies of some 14 Haitian and Honduran nationals floating and washed ashore in The Bahamas. A vessel sunk at sea in what reports suggests was attempt to smuggle persons into the United States. The United States must be concerned about this recent tragedy at sea in The Bahamas, as this latest incident asks the questions. “Is The Bahamas now facilitating the movement of person ILLEGALLY into the United States?” (If so this is not new) but how did the authorities know that this was a vessel smuggling persons into the United States and not look at this incident as another set of illegal persons moving into a family island to take up work at Bimini Bay? Bahamaspress.com really would also like to find out since the authorities know all the details about the intent of the victims and their nationalities, who is the owner of the vessel?

We wonder why the press has yet to ask that last question, let us see if someone can answer that.


  1. Now we know that authorities knew all the other information, we should begin to ask them about these important ones. And again we at Bahamas Press ask, who is to say this was not another band of persons traveling to Bimini to take up ILLEGAL EMPLOYMENT at Bimini Bay Resort. WHO is the owner of the vessel? And if it is not registered here, most likely it is registered in the United States. But we all know the same people who know where it was going, would only say so much.

  2. I did not remember reports mentioning the name of the boat; it’s owner or captain. They are key elements in the investigation.

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