A remarkable life and legacy of Mrs. Christina Rolle, Exuma…

Mrs. Christina Rolle

By Chester Cooper MP, DPM

FARMERS HILL, EXUMA: This weekend, I marvelled at the remarkable life and legacy of Mrs. Christina Rolle, who demonstrates the incredible impact one person can have on their community and a country.

At the age of 94, Mrs. Rolle remains a consummate entrepreneur, excelling as a local fuel retailer and previously as a grocer, taxi driver, and tour operator.

Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit have been a pillar of strength in Exuma.

I have had the privilege of knowing Mrs. Rolle for all my life

She was a dear friend of my late mother and also taught me in Sunday school 40 years ago. Even then, she was a source of inspiration, and she continues to inspire me and many others today.

As we begin a series highlighting women entrepreneurs, it is only fitting to start by heralding the legacy of this strong Exuma woman.

Her story encourages us all to strive for greatness and to support and celebrate the incredible women in our lives.

Mrs. Rolle, we honor you today and always.

Mrs. Christina Rolle and DPM Chester Cooper MP.