Another cab driver found dead just minutes ago, this time at the airport in Eleuthera


North Eleuthera Airport.


Governor’s Harbour, EleutheraBahamas Press is on the ground in Eleuthera, Governor’s Habour, where just minutes ago a cab driver was found dead at the airport while waiting on business.

BP investigators tell us the driver, who is believed to be in his 50 – 60 is native, Freddy Bethel. He was last seen alive early this morning working without any concern of health. However, when a friend arrived at his car just minutes ago, Bethel was not responding. Some persons thought he had fainted; but, upon further investigation they discovered he was dead.

Police have just arrived on the scene to begin their investigations.

Meanwhile BP is updating our story into the apparent traffic fatality this morning, which left an Atlantis employee dead, faced down in a pool of water. The victim was knocked and dragged in the East Street South section of the island nearby the C.V. Bethel High School.

Bahamas Press can confirm the victim is Iva White, formally of James Cistern, Eleuthera. Our early investigations into Ms White reveal her grandson was a victim of a brutal homicide earlier this year. He was stabbed to death by his attackers.

It is possible that this incident could be more than just a hit and run as the barbarians committing crimes in the Bahamas have become more and more vicious and crafty with their attacks against the innocent by the day.

Tommy Turnquest has repeatedly told the Bahamian people he knows where the criminals are, but we all know he does not possess the spine to go and catch them from their foxholes.

This has been a BP NEWS ALERT!



  1. I am a little sadden that you seem to be using the death of our citizens to create political statements. Please these people died of natural causes. The Island of Eleuthera had three deaths yesterday, two were extremely sudden and the other one was of a young lady whom we all loved.

    This is death, not a time for you to make unneeded attacks.

    Please allow our family to grieve without you creating additional anxiety to our grief.

    All of the families deserve our prayers and respect.

    May they Rest in peace.

  2. If this incident just happened, most of his immediate family may not be aware that their loved one is dead. BP should hold back naming persons in such cases.

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