Atlantis employee knocked down and left to die by driver in an early hit and run


EMS teams at the scene of a traffic accident. FILE PHOTO

Nassau, Bahamas — A young woman is dead this morning becoming the country’s latest traffic fatality. The young woman who we know is an employee of Atlantis was struck early this morning in the East Street South section of the island near the C.V. Bethel School.

We’ve learned from early reports the woman was making her early morning journey to work when a speeding vehicle struck and dragged her several feet from the side of the road.

Police confirmed the driver committing the homicide act never did not care to stop, nor did the individual lend assistance to the woman who was pronounced dead on the scene.

This morning we at BP are saddened to hear the news of this fatality. We are disturbed by this crude ‘VICKED’ criminal act. We are nauseated by the cold and callous bestial nature of these RWANDAN STYLE GANGSTERS whose barbaric actions continues to reek havoc and rain terror on the innocent in this country.

Why in the HELL would someone knockdown, then drag a woman who is in the fight and struggle to put food on the table. This is WRONG, this is wicked, this is sinful and it is our prayer that the GOOD LORD STOPS THAT DRIVER AND BRING HIM/HER TO JUSTICE.



  1. In 2010 I was visiting Nassau; was struck by a police van and left for dead. The cover-up on the police “investigators” and hospital extortionists continues and the ambassador is not the least bit interested in justice. The commie helmeted police investigators are only covering their own ******.

  2. People, our conscions have become so warped and cold it is unbelievable. How can you sleep knowing you have struck another human being and left them to die in the street like a dog. People wake up and see that the end is near. We must try to live by the golden rule. Do unto others as we would have them do unto us. We have lost our love, integrity,morals and principles and must return to seeking the face of God.I come in agreement with you today that this person has no peace and that they will be tormented until they surrender for the wrong they have done. This could have been my mother.

  3. I think stiffer penalties needs to be placed on persons like that who knock down someone and leave them to die that is vehicular murder and this needs to be investigated she is not an animal and ieven if you knock down an animal you should stop. Who knows she might be the sole breadwinner in her household and now no-one might be there to take care of her children, that driver should be held accoutable and made to take care of her children for the rest of their lives.

    • ever if she knew the person that is inhuman. What goes around comes back around i pray that the person or persons come forward and turn them slef in.

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