A man wanted by the police for murder turns up dead


Nassau, Bahamas — The remains of Lasando Campbell, a mechanic’s helper, who was originally from Westmoreland, Jamaica was discovered on Gladstone Road last week.

The news of the discovery was overshadowed by other events of robberies, and mayhem following the long August Monday holiday.

You would remember BP broke the story on July 3rd of a murder on Crooked Island Street just off Cordeaux Ave. where a woman, Chemil Kemp, was slaughtered in her home. A neighbour contacted police after he heard loud screams emanating from the apartment.

When residents arrived to the scene they discovered Kemp’s body hacked to death with multiple laceration about her body. Following the bloodbath, residents told police the women was killed by her ex-boyfriend, Campbell, right in the presence of her seven year-old daughter.

Tommy Turnquest

On Wednesday police found Campbell’s car, a burgundy Nissan Sentra, on Gladstone Road. And his body was also found nearby the vehicle with Campbell’s wallet and other personal items close by.

No word has come as to the cause of death, however, BP investigators can only suggests citizens have taken the law into their own hands following the WUTLESS collapse of justice in the country.

Tommy Turnquest cannot protect judges anymore, even the ones in Lyford Cay. Nor can he guard the facilities such as the Supreme Court from barbaric thugs who have captured the country into a surge of crime and violence; and thus the law is being administered on the streets.



  1. Interesting…what is going on at Atlantis?
    Three employees dead in a 6 week period: one gunned down, one knifed (supposedly by her ex who just happens to turn up dead) and the third victim of a hit and run.

    • We are living in a very sad world.
      No one deserves to die the way the mother or boyfriend died (two wrongs don’t make a right)that’s why there is a court of law to govern us. NO CHILD deserves to witness their parent being mutilated and I pray they will get help for this child so that she can become a good citizen and not be marred by whatever atrocities she experienced.

      A lot of things are not adding up.
      We all know that 1 and 1 should always equal 2 not 11 but this issue is full of speculations.
      Individuals are now coming forward seeming to know everything that was going on between these two, why did they not intercede before things came to a standstill that fateful day? Two lives would have been spared, a little girl would not be without a mother to tuck her into bed tonight.

      I hope both families will finally have some closure and be able to move forward.

  2. I just dont get it, if he is wanted for murder and he ends up dead, them i say HELLO. save us some time, money, an police resource…maybe BP know how he died?? call the police

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