Is there an Insurrection in the FNM?


The Troika of the FNM Hubert, Tommy and Carl.

Nassau, Bahamas — Several senior FNM officials met in camera over the weekend as we have been told that there may be a move afoot to oust Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham as leader.

The disgruntle fraction we are told have already joined forces with a section of the Party in the northern Bahamas, including officers out of Abaco and Grand Bahama vowing to reject Ingraham at the next sitting of the Party’s Convention.

Ingraham asked FNMs to meet him in the Convention this year as he closed Convention 2009, however, discussions emanating from the Party Chairman, Carl Bethel, revealed the 2010 Convention could face postponement.

One spokesperson for the fraction told BP, “When our leader returns respectfully we would put to him our concerns with the direction of the country and under his advisement, we seek to have him consider the following:

1)    We want to know if Mr. Ingraham will lead us into the next General Elections.
2)    We want to know if he has concluded on a Convention for 2010.
3)    We also wish to know when the country will have the appointment of a full time Minister of Immigration.
4)    We as well demand a major shakeup in the Cabinet, and we seek to know if the PM is set to do that.

“The PM will be given 14 days to answer these concerns of ours when he returns on Wednesday and him failing to respond to them a loud voice from inside the Party shall emerge and Hubert Ingraham as we did before shall be given his walking papers and removed as the leader of the FNM.”

BP has learned the group is angered following the poor fiscal management of the affairs of the country by the PM along with the concerns of mass unemployment, which has rocked the nation since the FNM was returned to office.

“Things are so bad in Grand Bahama BP, Our generals are suffering and there is no voice from the people in that section of the country. I can confirm two sitting MP have their constituency offices close on the island. Last week while I attended a special ceremony to honour one of our members of the Party, outside the Church doors was an unemployed mother looking for food. Across the road was another young man selling phone cards, right in the mouth of the church. Came another young man selling fruit salads during the divine worship. Man BP we need CHANGE! That cannot be the Bahamas future generations will inherit from an FNM government, and we are determined to fix it before the next election,” the spokesperson for the fraction said.

The disgust and rampant outrage within the FNM came to head a few weeks ago when the leadership of the Women’s Association on Grand Bahama all resigned from the organization. Bethel in move to quash suspicions by the resignation told the press the women resigned due to personal reasons, however, reports are several women declaring themselves as former members of the FNM Women’s Association may be locking arms with the PLP Grand Bahama.
Meanwhile, BP has learned current Speaker of the House, Alvin Smith, has hinted to residents in his constituency, he will not seek another term in the Parliament. We’ve learned a former PLP is being considered by the FNM to run on the Party’s ticket. “This is also one of the bones of contention we are having with the PM. How is it former PLPs and inactive FNM appear to be getting the nod, while loyal committed officers across the Party are being overlooked? This cannot happen and we will do what we must to stop this bleeding in our ranks.

Prime Minister Ingraham told the press in 2009, he will confirm whether he would offer again, however, to date no word has come from the PM of his intentions.

FNMs March at Labour Day Parade 2010.


  1. BP, if what you are saying is true, then the only issue that i raise is the one of timing. Lets say these individuals are successful in mounting a challenge to Mr Ingraham. Whether they are successful in getting him removed or not doesnt matter. With less than 2 years before a general election, the party would be to divided and demoralized going into a general election. They will be practically giving the election to the PLP.

    For whatever reason, its as if the FNM establishment forgot how the people turned on Mr Ingraham in the run up to the 2002 general election. They also seem to forget that the victory in 2007 was by the slimmest of margins as it relates to total votes cast. So once they assumed office in 2007, why didnt they have a better plan, realizing that there was little margin for error?

    Whats becoming more and more clear to me, is that the FNM and Mr Ingraham didnt have a succession plan AT ALL. Like everything they do, its wait and see. At least they tried back when they elected Tommy as leader elect, but this time, there doesnt seem to be any effort at all to make preparations for Mr Ingraham’s successor.

    The FNM convention last year would have been a perfect time for Mr Ingraham to announce his plans and give the party time to select a new leader, but that didnt happen. And when you consider what has transpired this year between Mr Ingraham and some of his cabinet colleagues, Mr Ingraham, himself, doesnt know who to trust.

    As of now, time is not on the FNM’s side as it relates to electing a new leader, fostering party unity and gearing up for a general election fight. I just dont see it. By all accounts, Mr Ingraham will lead the party into the 2012 general elections.

    Those within the FNM who are disgruntled with Mr Ingraham truly shouldn’t be. Certain things should have been agreed upon when they brought him back and its clear that Mr Ingraham once again told them that its his way or the highway.

    When you make a deal with the devil, the devil always wins!

  2. Media it is so evident Mr. Dean is a staunch Ingrahamite who is controlled by strings, doesnt have a mind of his own and definitely cant see clearly. The FNM is in total disarray and the whole world is watching. A prime example is the simple road work which cant be completed and obviously no ministry is seen at these sites overseeing the work, if I was to go on with proof I can write a book. The truth is we are in BIG trouble as a country and we need to act fast. Mr. Dean take your head out your backside and stop following politcal parties. Face the truth and speak it!

  3. Make believed? We know you laughing to see how on point we are. Them women who resign ain’t no make believe. Alvine Smith not offering ain’t now make believe and the group wishing to depose Ingraham as leader of the FNM ain’t no joke either.

    Stay right there…


  4. You see what I told everyone, this is all make believe in the mind of all of the BP staff if there is any staff. This is a big joke.

    I am just laughing my head off, this is the story that you asked us to wait for.

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