Woman Commits Suicide Yesterday in the West Street Area



Police is investigating the death of Debroah Smith a 51 year-old woman of West Street area is said to have committed suicide. The grandmother was locked inside a two room house where she was discovered dead. The woman, who is describe by many to being a sweet person, was found hanging by a cloth.

The deep dark recession has rocked the country for the past three years now and have brought a great deal of stress and pain to residents across the country and around the world. Many of whom  are finding it hard to make ends meet. Several person have since the recession committed suicide this year a record which was unknown to the Bahamas.

BP advises resident to talk to neighbours and tell someone you condition. Help is just around the corner.

May she rest in peace.


  1. My deepest sympathy goes out to the family.
    We are all faced with challenges in this life, but we must learn to put our faith and trust in God, even when we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. While talking problems over with someone may work for some, it can have a negative flip-side and make the matter even worse because the truth is that many people are very immature and not confidential. They just cannot control their “loose tongue” and they gossip too much, so the next thing you know, your business all over town and you end up feeling even worse. My advice to all is to tell your business to JESUS he won’t tell nobody else “TELL it to JESUS, because like no other, a true dear friend and brother, tell it to JESUS alone!

  2. This is sad and yes to the editor we should all come together and assist each other. Those of us who have more certainly more is expected to meet the needs of those who have less. It is not just material things, but we must be willing to give of ourselves by talking and just calling each other.

    Despite the situation we can and must overcome. I note that the U S news ic calling for a double dip in the U S Economy. I do not know that this means but it does not sound good to me. So far we have be hold on I hope that things get better.

    Let me comment the editor for the fair note that he brought out in the story. Thanks Mr. Editor.

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