BP endorses FRANCES FRIEND and Father as the next President and Vice of the BUT!

Frances Friend, the Next President of the BUT.

Frances Friend is BAHAMAS PRESS’ ENDORSED CANDIDATE as the next President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers.

In the coming days BP will present to you the leadership we need in this country in every sector of this society!


We invite educators from across the length and breadth of this society to support her and say farewell to OUTGOING PRESIDENT BELINDA WILSON!


  1. BP I also don’t think it is right for you to support a particular candidate in any election. You are journalists and journalists are supposed to be objective. Any future reporting on this matter will now be considered biased as you have already thrown your support one way.

  2. I’m not interested in who wins this. ‘Truth or consequences’ the way Belinda handled the funds was in fact inappropriate but to say she stole the money paints a different picture. Can you steal money from your own company to pay the company’s bills? No but you can take it without authorization :s The use of the money was justified so be fair. If you dont like her or agree with her leadership thats understandable but dont unjustly tarnish people.

  3. I endorse Friend and her whole slate of candidates. Belinda was a dictator diaster from the break. Can you imagine a President using pension funds without the proper approvals and trys like hell to justify saying she used them to pay union bills? That’s not the point Belinda; you stole the money; that’s what it amounts to and a tief will always be a tief.

  4. Balinda Wilson, should start packing now She Gone!! BP you right A-BOUT this one. she Cant work with no one TO rude,and why them other WATLESS news people still callin her President?? there was a vote of no confi-dance she is just another member.And take John the kiss up to goverment for SENATOR seat Pinder with you,Sad so many UNION LEADERS selling there UNION out for politricks.Just like one election what just gone pay back to these political party is going to hurt us members very soon, stay right there bout’ A-TEAM that will be two A-TEAMs that will have to satify the politrickin’parties and sell out its members.
    GO PRESIDEND Friend Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We report you decide Belinda shall be resoundingly! NO one is voting for a mongrel anymore. We are tied of her WUTLESS LEADERSHIP!Now she has gathered puppets calling them the A-TEAM!

    BELINDA WILSON IS THE OUTGOING PRESIDENT OF THE BUT AND BP GA SHOW YINNER WHY. Just keep in mind Harbour Island, cause we going there….


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