18-year-old Daren Gibson aka BOX becomes the country’s 71st homicide victim…

18-year-old Daren Gibson aka BOX is the country’s 71st homicide victim in Fox Hill.

NASSAU| A young Bain Town resident was shot dead in Fox Hill on Saturday afternoon in the community of Sandilands Village Road.

Bahamas Press has identified the 71st homicide victim as 18-year-old Daren Gibson aka BOX.

Detectives confirmed the victim was shot multiple times by unknown suspects in a silver vehicle Saturday afternoon.

Police say they received reports that gunshots were discharged in the area around 3pm.

And when officers arrived, the body of Gibson was found in the street with multiple gunshot wounds. This was another bloody driveby.

Investigators say the victim was walking west on Sandilands Village Rd. when the deadly incident unfolded.

Police were unable to say if the victim was known to police.

Sources tell us he was a graduate of Prince William High.

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