Berry Islanders share their concerns with the spread of COVID19 in the community…


Dear BP,

I am a concern Berry Islander, who would like to bring some attention to what is taking place in our community due to Covid-19.

As you are aware we know of some twelve (12) cases in our community, which has many of us worried, scared and concern especially due to the rise in cases with us being such a small island.

My concern is with persons who tested positive and with their close contacts being in quarantine, from the onset of our first four (4) cases many persons who were known contacts were never place in quarantine right away and even with twelve cases these persons are still moving around daily in the community without remaining in their homes.

The healthcare workers have not even shared the needed information with the law enforcement officers as to who should or should not be allowed to move about within the community.

With a situation as sensitive as this, one believe both the police and healthcare teams should be working together to ensure that others who are not expose to the virus by these irresponsible persons.

Contact tracing is not happening at all. How is it that you can quarantine one person in the home and others of the same household are able to move around freely (WHAT am I missing something here??)?

Right now our major concern is that we don’t know who have been exposed, because everyone still mixing up together and this is alarming and fearful to many.

As I stated before this community is small and everyone knows everyone. Something has to be done over here in the Berry Islands because twelve cases is scary and if the healthcare team don’t warn others we will have deaths.

BP please deliver this message to the nation and the world as we have you on lock in this part of the country. Please being attention to this matter, please, as this is a major concern to us on this Island because we don’t even have access to proper medical facilities.


A Concern Berry Islander