$200,000 stolen out of Acklins Commissioner office


A BP NEWS ALERT: Bahamas Press can now confirm more than $200,000 of public money was stolen from the Acklins commissioner office.

Gunmen kidnapped Commissioner Knowles and his son around 12:30 Saturday morning, took them to the Acklins office and force them to open the safe.

The gunmen cleaned out the safe and got away with all the money. This is the 8th major attack on a government facility in the past two month.


  1. I was very shock that kind of money was ever instrusted to one person 200,000 ,if that kind of money is on the family island ,then a goverment BANK shoul of bain there, sad,if a family island can have that kind of money there a BANK should of bain there ,any goverment wather FNM/PLP one person should not have that responable ,bahamas state tone it could be a steup

  2. You present a good point there BP. How much money is in the safes of other Island administrators? I really hope not that much on the islands with Banks, because if there is, they all better start watching there backs.
    I agree with you BP, we do need change. But the big question is are The Bahamian people ready for change? I listen to the radio shows, and even read the comments posted on this website and sometimes I am amazed at the level of ignorance in our country. To the FMN’s supporters, Hubert is like god walking on this earth. He could do no wrong. And even in the eyes of some PLP supporters, Perry is the same way. Also, how does a young person get involved in politics? Especially if you don’t buy the rhetoric spewed by both major parties. You could go like Cassius but you need a lot of money. Show any promise as a third party and you get pressured by the big boys.

  3. But that is not the only question Mike. My question is this, Why was no form of security present guarding that kind a money? Is the government now ‘thiefin’ from itself? And are other islands keeping that kind a money in some cupboard on the island?

    We believe stuff like this was happening in the Bahamas for years but what has changed? The new wave of information [INTERNET] is now reporting news in real time. YOU WILL NEVER HEAR HOW MUCH MONEY WAS STOLEN OUT OF THAT ACKLINS CUPBOARD ON ZNS.


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