27 year-old shot by police last night


Vincent Pierre's crime scence

A squad of officers at the scene of a police shooting on Brougham & Market Streets last night. Photos by Rodney Moncur.

Nassau, Bahamas – Police shot 27 year old Vincent Pierre last night, Thursday the 17th December 2009, around 8:35 p.m. on the corner of Brougham & Market Street.

Eyewitnesses claimed that police ordered Pierre to stop and when he refused he was shot in the leg.

An ambulance was called to the scence and Pierre was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital.

Mean while, a large contigent of Police officers closed of that part of Market & Brougham Street as they searced for a suspected gun Pierre was believed to have thrown away. Hundreds of young men then gathered to watch the event.

Vincent Pierre shot

An ambulance leaving the scene last evening.


  1. FIRST AND FOREMOST… PIERE is the name?….. He mussy didnt UNDERSTAND the officer. But I dont know whether the office actions was justified but if the man didnt LISTENED then HE FELT.

    The POLICE MUST NOT HAVE PITTY towards dese crimanals… its time CRIME has been fixed in this country. If Mudda Pratt, Tommy Turnquest, Reginald Ferguson couldnt have done it well ITS TIME THAT THE NEW COP does it!

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