Kenneth Russell is now in hospital



Kenneth Russell MP for High Rock.

Nassau, Bahamas — The Tribune is reporting former Minister responsible for NIB and current Minister of Housing, Kenneth Russell, is in hospital following what appears to be a mild heart attack.

Reports are that Russell checked himself into hospital on Tuesday, the day after Prime Minister Ingraham left for a summit on the environment. We wonder why was this keep such a secret until now and what did the PM tell him that triggered this.bethelcarlfnmconv09

Russell is the centre of an ongoing probe by Bahamas Press, which involves his ‘buffed roommate’, Iram Lewis, who received contracts from NIB while Russell served as minister. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has ordered his own probe into NIB and Russell is feeling the pressure.

Readers would remember when former minister of education, Carl ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ Bethel, was under fire by BP he did the same and checked himself in the PMH. He came out with a BIG GRIN on his face recieving holy unction from his priest. The light, cameras and action orchestrated by ZNS was still not enough to protect him from the vicious cut you know what your Bahamas Press had in store for him!

‘Undernourished’ is now serving coffee at the headquarters of the FNM and is on the ground in Elizabeth. Kenneth Russell will soon join him.


  1. Do no evil, fear no evil. I guess in other words what I am trying to say is if Kenneth is not guilty of mishandling funds while at NIB, he has nothing to worry about. Let the records speaks for itself.

  2. It is sad to hear Kenneth Russell isn’t doing well and I wish him a full recovery. I wonder if the buffed roommate been to visit him yet and if he took him a fruit basket or a get well card or a little something to brighten up his mood, because I imagine he is under a great deal of stress with all this probing into the mishandling of NIB funds going on. It is painful to think about the toll this investigation is probably taking on his health, but as taxpayer, I don’t think these allegations should be swept under the carpet. I feel the people who are abusing public funds should be exposed and held accountable. If we let this slide others will come behind them and think they could do the same thing and get away with it.

    • The scrutiny is taking its toll but I wish the Minister good health.Un fortunately many in the FNM were like ostriches when PAPA was mashing up civil servants and other citizens.He now has no more persons to hurt so now you lousy Cabinet Ministers its your time.Poor Tommy T is next as PAPA will fire him and takeover his job.PAPA Is on a roll and just like he fired Barak as he left the country he will probably call a news conference while awayand fire some Cabinet Ministers.Anyone remember the still photo of Minister Russell in the HOA while PAPA was speaking about the NIB matter?He was sick right thenj and probably let waste come in his pants.Thats why he did not stop at the gas station,pressure bursts pipes. 

      • that’s a digusting thing to say about a sick man!!! you are worst than forrester carroll!!! u r an animal!!

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