Big time Investigation at Ministry of Works…Senior employee placed on leave


smithkarWhenever Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham’s term in office is ended, he would be known as the cleanup man following his overhaul in the public service. He’s assured the Bahamian people the overhaul will come and those found wanting, will be put on the outside.

Bahamas Press is reporting several government probes in departments will result in terminations within the public service, and this is good.

A source in the ministry of works has confirmed to BP a senior officer in that ministry was placed on leave following preliminary investigations into the ripoff of public funds at the ministry.

The employee, whose identity Bahamas Press has withheld, is accused of THIEFINpublic money! ‘VICKEDLY ripping and skimming off the top money from the budget allocations assigned in the ministry.

The employee who we will only say has a funny name, was caught RED HANDED submitting bogus invoices into the accounts department. Bahamas Press has learned the senior officer also pressured contractors and colluded with vendors to submit these invoices to output bogus government cheques, which were eventually kicked back to her.Colin Higgs -

One of the contractors now cooperating with the government in their investigations told Bahamas Press,This woman needs to have the book thrown at her. She would have come to our company and pressure us to submit fraud documents and submit them into the accounts department for payments when she knew we did not work. She would come to us and say, ‘I need money…I need money and so send me the invoice and I’ll deal with the particulars.’

She did the same shakedown with several contractors working for the ministry but the Prime Minister got wind of this and now she’s on leave.”

The employee of the government – in some casesbypassed Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Works and Transport, Colin Higgs, and took her bogus invoices straight into the Ministry of Finance where the Prime Minister sits. HOW BOLD!

A senior officer undertaking the investigations in the ministry told us, “The fraudster in the Government we believe did not work alone in committing these acts. We know some others who issued these payments were also involved, and we will get to the bottom of this.”

BP wonders how long has this COOKIE MONSTER BEEN TAKING COOKIES OUT OF THE COOKIE JAR? And when was the ministry going to inform the public?



  1. Hats off to our Prime Minister… making the hard decisions to set our country on the right path…

    • Whats the big deal?Govts are elected to do the work of the people and no rewards are necessary.Egos tistical leaders are bad and must do the job for we the taxpayers.You are so daft and insecure so I shant engage you further as am wasting my time.

    • Just could not let this comment go unanswered,”making the hard decisions to set our country on the right path”.Thats the PMs job so he gets no cigarettes,and stop being shallow deal with real issues like the forecasted Crime advisory by the USA.Small people ,think and act like they are in the know when in fact they miss all the points.

  2. hey hey paople you are not in a presidential styled government where you vote for the leader we vote for members the party with the most members win .some of you appear to be in need of somone to lead you call the shots so to speek HNIC and all that jazz..this is why we have ineffective government..look recently firing people in the press re babak in freeport..very unprofessional…..they are doing some good capital work and appear to be tackling the judiciary so we shall see how fire man aka pappa will do in 2010 

  3. While this Government is  so called  cleaning up, the Legacy will be with what remains. Will these Gov. depts. run more efficient without the renegades and corrupt cultured persons? I certainly hope so.Maybe though, just maybe, this action and previous cleaning up exercises will balance the perception of a Government Service that we the Bahamian People can TRUST.

  4. I don’t know what is so great about what HI and the FNM are doing since all they seem to be targeting are PLPs…. I am quite sure that there are FNMs who are corrupt in the public service too. And I can’t be proud of HI when every FNM who he gets rid of he gives them another job…

    That doesn’t sound like much of a legacy to me!!!

  5. The PM really need to fire the Foreign and Finance  Ministers. They have been in a lot of conflict-of-interest type situations.  The other one needs to get the boot is the one dealing with the crime situation. The PM is picking out people to ax who can make him look good and to use to try and get re-elected since election is around the corner.

    Our country need new leadership and new vision. We need to stop the partisan politics 9picking sides) and start making the right moves to take our country to the next level. The FNM and PLP aren’t  cutting it with the same tired boring tricks to keep the people tied in the political thralls and doing nothing but helping themselves, family and friends.

    Time for a serious change…The Bahamas need to use the fresh bright minds who are willing to set a side party and do what’s right for this country!

  6. Lots of cleaning up to do.  It’s a good start, PM.  Intolerence of corruption needs to be the attitude and  culture of government, whoever is in office.  Hopefully it will trickle down to the rest of our society.  We need this kind of change badly!

  7. @WilliamI agree with you 100%…. as long as Perry Christie is leader of the PLP i dont see me voting for him. Serious times calls for TESTED Leadership.

  8. Brave just as bad as Christie,Bradley aint making things no better,PLP gat a long way to go before Bahamians take them serious again

  9. The only chance the PLP has is with Brave as Leader, Christie is in hiding! I understand most of his friends and party elders are now saying he needs to go, they just aint saying it to his face yet.

  10. Media lol no joke… he’s scared for his leadership seat. Big BAD Brad is acting as leader and Brave Davis is promoting all ova’ the world like leader…. WHERE IS THE PUSSY CAT??????

    • If PC was younger I would swear that he took your woman since you have so much hatred for him.Things must be your way or else.Since you never voted PLP how can your vote be missed?Obviously you have a warped mentality and believe in one man rule.Others in a viable political aprty must have the opportunity to speak so wheres the beeF?

        • Am happy bcos i can just see you shaking in your big pants.No matter what you will again have a choice in a few months time.Better put belt on your pants bcos it will drop off as you worry about having to face the PLPs champion once again in a loser leave town match.PC is sure effective  as he has you and others just talking about him all the time lolo lol.

  11. Hubert is on a roll!!! slow start but making up for it…PC on the other hand…oh well…Big Brad was not voted leader you know…please speak up PC….for your own good 

  12. I agree with the PM wee need somone to clean up the mess these big time tiefen Government workers doin. I am waitin for him to clean up the mafia Cartel in the tourism and hotel business. When he get rid / fire the senior people in the tourism business me and my family will vote FNM when ever the  next election…. Go Hon Hubert goooo

  13. Yes YES YES…. this is the legacy I have of Mr. Ingraham…. if ya hand get catch in the cookie jar you gats to go…. I dont want no leader who into SECOND, THIRD chances.

  14. tiefin is endemic this buisness abouut livin on  credit however this particular individual is innocent pending the evidence

  15. They need to clean house there, from this cockaroach, on down…that is a mafia Cartel, and has been for a while…

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