Madame Senator strikes again!!

Sen. Hon. Allyson Maynard Gibson.

It has become a ritual for Madame Senator Allyson Maynard-Gibson to strike at (and many say strike down), the FNM Government every time they bring a Bill to the Senate for passage. And it’s worse for the FNM Government when they send their mid-term Budget review for Senate passage. The Madame Senator used a running thread of suspicion through her contribution to the recent mid-term Budget review. In fact she quoted a former FNM Minister, by concurring with him and saying that she “smells a rat.” But after another awesome strike at another mid-term Budget review, Bahamas Press goes even further than Madame Senator, by saying— now the rat smells her! And that’s why he stays out of her way. The following text is the contribution made by Madame Senator Gibson.

Madame President Madame President I start this debate by repeating what I said last year, “The midyear Budget review is a waste of time, staff resources and money. The information in this midyear Budget could have been given in a one man Press Conference. The borrowings could have been dealt with by way of Contingency Warrant. We shall be back in this place in 8 weeks debating the 2009-2010 Budget. The money that it wastes could have been used to positively impact the lives of many suffering Bahamians, who are unemployed, unable to pay their mortgages or rent, struggling to pay school fees, due to the thoughtless policies of the FNM.”

Madame President as we meet here in this place to debate the mid term budget, I fear that citizens outside who are hurting more than ever are giving a massive “suck teeth”.  Too many Bahamian dreams have been dashed to the ground and trampled upon. Too many people are out of work, have lost their homes, have been victims of crime, and are suffering from hopelessness.

Economists make it clear that the unemployment rate is at record levels. They point out that a comparison of unemployment rates in the 1970s with rates in the 21st century is like comparing apples and oranges. I am advised that the unemployment figures are available for 2010. They have not been released because unemployment is more than 20%. And if under employment, that is those who have given up and have stopped looking for a job, were taken into account the unemployment rate would be nearer 30% than 20%.

It is incredible that the government continues to waste time on this mid year exercise that does not produce one new job. It does not save one home from the foreclosure block. It does not save one Bahamian business from the cruel and harsh economic burdens imposed upon small and mis sized businesses by the FNM.

I had to pray fervently about what I would speak about in these circumstances. Today I shall speak about what I hear when I speak with Bahamians here and abroad.

I hear people with high hopes and dreams about their future. I also hear their concern that when they dare to dream, those dreams are dashed to the ground. I hear them asking, “why didn’t you tell us what you were doing?”

When Bahamians buy a lot of land to build a house on, we dream about what that house will look like and how many happy days we and our family and friends will spend in that home. You and your family talk with your architect. You plan how you will pay for your dream house. You plan when you will move in and bless the house. If anyone tells you, “you only talk, plan and dream; you don’t do anything” you tune that person out. You know your plans to accomplish your dream and you will not let anyone dash your hopes to the ground.

I admit that the PLP was not the best at communicating how we were accomplishing the Bahamian dream. People keep on saying, “why didn’t you tell us then?”  They now see Albany; Baha Mar; Kerzner Phases 3 and 4; the Straw Market; the SW Port and the airport expansion as part of the way to secure the future for Bahamian employees and entrepreneurs while securing our children’s future through, among other things, education, health care, the social safety net and prudent fiscal management.

The IMF and S&P spoke in glowing terms about the PLP’s management of the economy. The people I spoke to remember when they could get 3 and 4 jobs and when everyone in their home who wanted a job could get one. This is what the IMF meant when it said in 2006 that unemployment was at an irreducible minimum. Economists tell me that unemployment today is at record levels. They point out that it is wrong to compare figures from the 1970s with figures today as data was collected differently then and now.

The Chamber of Commerce spoke about the growth of small and mid sized businesses. More people moved into affordable homes than ever before. Construction was booming. People were getting their first home and relying heavily on the incentives given to first home owners.

Now I hear the cries of first home owners who contracted to buy homes relying on the incentives for first home owners and whose hopes were dashed and pockets hit when this government stop reviewed and cancelled the first home owner incentives. They had to pay stamp duty for which they had not budgeted. They did not get any refund when this government reinstated the incentives after the PLP led protests against the government’s mean-spiritedness and lack of compassion.

Yes, the world is experiencing the worst economic times since the great depression. The people with whom I spoke were aware of that S&P said that Bahamians would not be suffering so much if the FNM had not SRC $80 Million worth of capital works.

Bahamians feel trapped. They feel like they are between a rock and a hard place. No one grudges other people getting ahead. The problem is when others always get a piece of the pie and me and mine get crumbs or worse, none of the pie.

The people with whom I spoke do want 21st century infrastructure in The Bahamas. However, they want people’s dreams to be respected and for Bahamians to be given every chance to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

Mother Rolle is concerned about the lack of compassion shown the Bahamian police officers who after giving more than 30 years of honourable and noble service, putting their lives on the line, got from this government 48h notice to go home. Not one thank you. No farewell party. No  nothing.

Papa Smith is concerned about the lack of compassion shown to the Bahamian young people, the only breadwinner in their family, whose contracts were terminated at the Registrar General’s Department.

Uncle Lou is concerned about the lack of compassion shown to the hundreds of Bahamian public servants at customs and immigration and elsewhere who were terminated and downsized.

Aunt Mary is concerned about the increasing cost of living. Before these Bahamians were terminated, did anyone in the government think about how these Bahamians will manage to pay their bills in the worst economy since the depression? How will they get their electricity and water turned back on with no hope of a job?

Mrs. Jones is in debt. She is the sole breadwinner in her family. In order to keep her head about water, she had to move her children to government school because government cut the subvention to private schools. She knows that she and her children will have to repay the money that government is borrowing. Since she and her children have to repay the money she wonders whether better, wiser and more compassionate choice would have been for government to borrow to keep her cousin Mr. Ferguson employed in the department of immigration rather than giving an Argentinean contractor a multi million dollar road contract. Mr. Ferguson was the soel breadwinner in his family. If she had a say in what she’d like to invest in (since she has to repay) she’d rather invest in Mr. Ferguson so he could pay his mortgage, light bill, grocery bill and keep his sons off the street.

Mr. Ferguson is depressed. He is a good Bahamian man who wants to do the right thing by his family. Mr. Jones would not choose to invest in a new port or harbour dredging at this time. At this time she’d like to see compassionate choices for Bahamians. She wants to see all the Mr. Fergusons and their children be sure of a roof over their heads.

I am not going to talk about the suicide figures that the government tabled the other day. All that I will say is that I got a call from a psychiatrist who told me that those figures are “meaningless”. He said that all practitioners are seeing more depressed people than ever before and more attempted suicides than ever before. He also said that lack of financial security and a feeling of helplessness are major factors in depression, suicide and attempted suicide. Too many Bahamians are feeling helpless and that their dreams have been dashed to the ground. 

At this time, Mrs. Jones would rather invest in Bahamian people, not things. She says that is the choice that a compassionate government ought to make.

Mrs. Jones’ cousin Suzie was a business owner on Market St. Cousin Suzie mortgaged her house to support her business. The business was doing well. She was a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Her daughter, who she sent away to school, worked in the business. Her son is away in school. He had a government education loan. Suzie got a serious blow when government stopped the education loan project and her son’s loan. Luckily, the business was able to afford the payment of his school fees. He only had 2 more years to go. Suzie’s business is now closed down because of the Market St. road works. She had 20 employees. They are out of work. Suzie’s family and 20 other Bahamian families feel like their dreams have been trampled upon.  This is a pattern of FNM behavior. It stinks.

Mr. Thompson whose Bahamian business is on Blue Hill Rd. is now also closed down. His brother and sister Ricardo and Jane own a heavy equipment company. Under the PLP road contracts were given to Bahamians. Rather than “no Bahamian need apply”, they knew that “only Bahamians need apply”. Ricardo and Jane and all of us have to repay the loan for the road works. The people I spoke to would rather see Ricardo and Jane and other Bahamians get those road contracts. The money would stay in The Bahamas and would support Bahamian businesses and families. The business people on Market St. and Blue Hill Rd. believe that Bahamian contractors would never dig up the whole Island at once.

They are very concerned about the aggressive moves against the business owners on Prince Charles Dr. They and all businesses are catching hell. They have to pay increased business licence fees and electricity rates. The cost of licensing and inspecting their cars and heavy equipment has gone up. The cost of diesel and gas has skyrocketed. They are struggling to save their homes from foreclosure. Their children are in public school and no longer in private school.

Ricardo is also further financially challenged because his wife Molly is ill. She was laid off and she no longer had medical insurance. They have to organize a cook out to pay her medical expenses.

These scenarios are the reality for far too many Bahamians today.

I shall never forget speaking with some teenagers in one of the homes that I visited. That family encouraged their children to save money for themselves and some to buy gifts, toiletries, clothes etc. for to less fortunate children.  Those teen challenged me to explain how I could “sit there and allow government to cut back aid to the Ranfurly home and other charities. They did not particularly want to hear about how government works.  All they knew was “all of you giving contracts to foreigners and hiring foreigners. Bahamians and young people and vulnerable people in Ranfurly Homes don’t even have a chance. That ain’t right.”

I agree with them.

It stinks.

We live in a Bahamas where people wonder whether it is better in The Bahamas for Bahamians. It appears that government is leading the way in trampling on Bahamian hopes and dreams. It appears that the government has no commitment to nor compassion for Bahamians. The major capital works have been given to non Bahamian companies when there are Bahamians clearly qualified to carry out these works. Bahamian contractors complain that there is not a level playing field. U.S. and other foreign contractors get their government’s support in terms of subsidized performance bonds.

The government appointed a foreign DPP on different terms than the same job was advertised to Bahamians. There are over 1,000 Bahamian lawyers.

The government hired a non Bahamian Director of Works. There are scores of Bahamian engineers.

The government apparently hired a foreign CEO for URCA and a foreign HR advisor. I say apparently because the government has given a directive to URCA, a so called independent body about how to hire.

The sad state of affairs is that a Bahamas that needs every Bahamian hand on deck is experiencing brain drain. Bahamians are planning not to come home after qualifying. Their hopes and dreams have been dashed.

Have you heard the cries of the Bahamians in Exuma? Today there are non Bahamian waiters working in Exuma! Bahamians are working 2 days or not at all. They are struggling to pay their bills. They are crying out to the government to implement the Bahamianization policy.  How can there be foreign waiters working in The Bahamas while Bahamian waiters have no jobs? Bahamians are on the outside looking in. Their dreams have been trampled upon. It stinks.


Studies have been done to show that the sports fishing business can bring $500 Million annually to The Bahamas. Fishing lodges, fishing guides, bird watching, flora and fauna identification, fishing tackle, the flies used as bait, and so forth are all areas for Bahamian entrepreneurs and employees.  Ecotourism requires protection of the environment and very significantly, it is sustainable tourism. As the Minister of Tourism has said many times in this place, tourists pay big dollars for an ecotourism experience. This is a growing market. Opportunities abound for Bahamian entrepreneurs.

What is the record of this government on the environment?  It is a record of destruction and taking care of special interests at the expense of Bahamian interests. It stinks.

Let me first take you to the matter of dredging without a permit in Lyford Cay. In December I asked that the entire file on this matter should be tabled in the Senate so that Bahamians could have access to the file and determine for themselves the truth about this matter that Mr. Pierre Dupuch said stinks. I agree with Mr. Dupuch.

Unapproved dredging, which was possibly unlawful was done in Lyford Cay.  I am advised that this dredging affected the reefs at Goulding Cay and the reefs in the protected area of Clifton Cay. These reefs provide significant income for small entrepreneurs. These reefs have for generations provided many fun filled memories for Bahamian families. The PLP did not approved the dredging. The dredging was done in February 2007. I am advised that the FNM had to regularize the permit to dredge. Special interests taken care of and Bahamian dreams dashed.  This is a pattern of FNM behavior. AS Mr. Dupuch says, “I smell a rat”. It stinks. I again call for this file to be tabled. Let Bahamians see for themselves.

Now let’s look at the Kamalame Cay development.

Environmentalists say that 70% of The Bahamas’ marine life is hatched in the creeks of Andros and the reefs off Andros.

Environmentalists say that there has been unchecked dredging and construction of a marina at Kamalame Cay, Central Andros which is at the mouth of one of the inlet cuts to one of the most active marine nurseries in this hemisphere.

Apparently no permit was issued for this dredging. These are the pictures of this dredging that I previously showed in this place.

Environmentalists and fishing guides say that dredging destroyed the mangroves and the nurseries.

Apparently special interests well connected with the FNM are conducting illegal activity in a protected area. We hear nothing from the government and nothing from the special interests in the National Trust.

This is a matter affecting The Bahamas’ food security. It also affects the small business man in Andros. And it tramples upon the hopes of young  Bahamians who wish to participate in sustainable development.

It is part the usual FNM MO of dashing Bahamian dreams and cozying up to special interests at the expense of the small man and cozying up to special interests while trampling on the our hope for our children to have a bright future in their own country.

It stinks.

Now let’s look at Bell Island. It is in the Exuma Land and Sea Park. This National Park was created in 1959.

 In 1968 Bell Island and the Exuma Land and Sea Park was made a Reserve for the Protection of Wild Birds.

WILD  BIRDS PROTECTION ACT5. (1) It shall be lawful for the Minister to establish reserves for the protection of any wild bird and from time to time to vary, enlarge or reduce the extent of such reserves. Reserves for the protection of wild birds.
(2) Such reserves may comprise any land belonging to the Crown or to any private owner.
(3) Any person who enters upon any such reserve with intent to kill or capture any wild bird shall be guilty of an offence against this Act.

I have been advised that in the past when people tried to develop Bell Island the National Trust refused their application. Apparently, this application was approved after the developer paid the national trust $1M.

Mr. Dupuch and others have asked questions about this too. Listen to what Pierre Dupuch says about the Development at Bell Island.

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 11:05:35 -0500
Subject: Desecration of Exuma Park
By Pierre V.L. Dupuch
November 17, 1010

Desecration of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park!

“We certainly do not agree with those who are calling on the government or the BNT to trap people into owning valuable and highly taxed land but not allow them reasonable access and use” – Bahamas National Trust.

Those were the words of wisdom uttered by the Bahamas National Trust in answer to public objections to permission granted by Minister Earl Deveaux, the Minister of Environmental Destruction, for the desecration of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. When I read them my mind flashed back fifty eight years to a banner which was hung on the wall in the back of my high school’s classroom which read: “It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Everyone agrees that neither the government nor the Bahamas National Trust, or anyone else for that matter, should “trap people into owning valuable and highly taxed land …”

In this case, who trapped whom into Bell Island? The real estate agent – did he not tell the buyer of Bell Island about the restrictions on the Island and the Exuma Land and Sea Park? I doubt it. Was it the people at the Bahamas National Trust who failed to advise the buyer? After all, they had to give their approval for the sale of the land. I doubt it. Or, alas, did the Government, who had to give permission for a foreigner to purchase the land, not tell the purchaser of the restrictions?

After all, the Exuma Land and Sea Park did not just spring up from nowhere. If the folks at the Bahamas National Trust would care to read the act, the coordinates of the Sea Park were made law in 1959.

Forgetting the saying “buyers beware,” the sale of Bell Island was not just a land deal where only the real estate company and the buyer was involved. Four entities had to be involved in the sale of Bell Island – the buyer, the real estate broker, the government and the Bahamas National Trust. I cannot believe that at least one of those entities did not advise the buyer that there were restrictions.

I believe he was advised by all three local entities. Many years ago I bought land in Gleniston Gardens. I was told before I bought it that there were certain restrictions. It was at that point that I had to decide whether or not the restrictions were acceptable to me. It was at that point I could have said “yes or no” to the purchase. These restrictions were placed on it by the developer. The restrictions placed on Bell Island and the Exuma Land and Sea Park were placed there by LAW.

In my last comment about Bell Island and the Exuma Land and Sea Park I said that Mrs. Lynn Holowesko was President of the Bahamas National Trust when the Exuma Land and Sea Park was established. I was wrong. The Sea Park was established in 1959 when Mrs. Holowesko was still in school. For this I apologize. She was, however, President of the BNT from 1976 to 1982 and again from 1984 to 1991. During her terms as President the restrictions about taking ones catch from the Park were rigorously enforced, and as President she was a staunch defender of the Land and Sea Park regulations.

Several days ago, Mr. Brensil Rolle said that the Park should be “managed” better. What is he talking about? A warden is already there and arrests anybody fishing in the Park. Unfortunately, the warden doesn’t police helicopters flying overhead apparently making arrangements, in my opinion, to rape the park. It is best that Mr. Rolle keep his mouth shut!!!

During the course of these articles, someone wrote to say that the “little man” was not worried about what reef was being destroyed, or lionfish, or sea cucumbers being taken from the sea bed; the “little man” was worried about where the next job was coming from. He was right and he was wrong. In the short run he was right. His first responsibility is to feed his family. But his responsibility does not stop there; he must help decide where the children yet unborn, when we’re six feet under and pushing lilies, are going to find employment to feed their families.

If we allow developers to destroy our most valuable asset now, which could provide for our yet unborn children, we will have failed in our second responsibility and that is to leave this a better, more productive place than we found it.

The Exuma Land and Sea Park is a valuable asset. It could provide employment for generations to come. Its asset is beauty that can be packaged and sold many times over and remain to be sold again. There are only two such assets in the world and beauty is one of them.

To say that dredging over four areas of land, fifteen feet deep, will not cause damage to the surrounding reef, change the flow of water in the area and cause erosion is utter hogwash!!!! And the Minister knows it.

Reasonable access? I am told that Bell Island is on the edge of the park and that there is deep water on the other side. Is that not reasonable access?

Or, is access and use not really the story here? Several years ago I was told that strip mining rock on these islands could be a multi billion dollar business. I was told that there was a company which will … or already has … made application to mine rock here under the “guise” of tourism development. Rock mined from fresh water is even more valuable. I understand further that applications have been made to mine areas of fresh water in Andros and opening them to the sea, thus destroying fresh water lenses in Andros.

When you strip mine there is nothing left but a hole. Do we want to leave our grand children an empty hole, a hole of despair?

This whole sordid affair begs a number of questions:
1. Who was the public relations person or firm on the payroll of the Bahamas National Trust when this “deal” at Bell Island and the Exuma Sea Park was made?
2. What is the name or names of the companies doing the dredging at Bell Island and the Exuma Sea Park?
3. Who are the owners (front room and back room) of these dredging companies?
4. Where does the rock dredged from these sites go?
5. How many permits have been applied for and how many granted to do this kind of mining in The Bahamas?
6. Does the government benefit financially from any of this?
7. Name the islands and the locations on the islands that have already or are in the process of being mined.
8. Who commissioned the environmental impact study of the Park and who paid for it?

I still smell a rat!!

My advice to Mr. Eric Carey at the Bahamas National Trust is: Dont be the fall guy … just duck!!

By the way, what’s happened to all these investigative reporters running around here? Are they too busy looking through keyholes, finding out who’s sleeping with whom, or who’s picking up whom in dark alleys?

Just asking.

You heard me last week play in this place the voice of the Minister of the Environment.  The Minister for the Environment participated in Island FM’s show the Morning Boil on 15th September, 2010, where he said “We received this application from the Bell Island people for the dredging of a marina in what was essentially a dry, what they call a relic pond. There was no vegetation in the pond. It had been closed over by nature.” 

The EIA itself makes it clear that in the Land and Sea Park and in the protected reserve:

  • Dredging will take place in several areas
  • There is to be a marina to accommodate 20 slips for vessels up to 50+ metres in length [this is over 150 feet]
  • There will be another area on which will be constricted concrete docks up to 100 feet
  • breakwaters will be installed
  • new roads will be installed
  • about 15  acres will dredged

This is not a residential project. This is clearly a commercial project.

You have seen the pond.  It is not dry.  It has water in it.

You can go on line and see the EIA.

The EIA makes it clear that the pond has water in it.

The “report” tabled by the Leader of government business in this place is an extract from the EIA. The document makes it clear that there is ONE pond at Bell Island. It refers to “THE” pond. 

Now what is interesting is that the National Trust has not denied that it received $1 Million from the Bell Island Developer in 2010.

I am advised that in August 2010 the Best Commission raised concerns about the EIA. It It wanted the developer to hire a marine biologist who has some familiarity and knowledge of the Park.  The reason for that need is to have such a person “…advise whether the habitat is a rare and unique occurrence, whether the habitat is easily replicable in other parts of the national park and whether it is practical to relocate conch prior to any dredging.”.   Apparently the question relates to  reefs that contain “…the oldest and rarest living creatures that hold  evidence of life on earth.”.

I am also advised that there is a letter dated 10th August, 2010 signed by the Minister for the Environment and addressed to the President of the BNT where he, appears to have taken the position that the BNT that had no power to refuse any aspect of the proposed development of Discovery.  He personally wrote to them. Not the PS or the Director, the Minister. He made it clear in that letter at paragraph 2, that he has caused all of the relevant departments of his Ministry to agree “…to issue approval for the work…” being proposed for this project. 

It is clear that the government intended as early as August 2010 to approve this project. The Minister was personally involved, not his technical team. It is clear that the government and the National Trust knew that this was a 20 slip marina; major dredging (15 acres) [to put this in perspewctive, I am told that 15 acres is about half the size of Lake Cuningham] and it also comprised breakwaters, 100 foot concrete docks etc. All this in a no take zone. If a Bahamian catches a fish to eat he could be prosecuted. The same government who, I am advised, has pursued Bahamians in the past when they we trying to make a living using the National Park’s resources, now agrees that a developer who has paid $1 Million can destroy the National Park. The Park that has been sitting there since 1the 1950s.  Destroying the wild bird habitat that has been protected since 1968. Like Pierre Dupuch, I smell a rat. It stinks.

I am advised that over 300 Exumians have signed a petition against the development.  They live in Exuma. They are concerned about their future and their children’s future. They and their concerns have been ignored in favour of special interests.

In the face of the opposition to the development, the fact that the National Trust in the past has apparently refused development at Bell Island [Bell Island is in the National Land and Sea Park and is a reserve for wild birds], and in the face of the donation of $1 Million by the developer, the Minister seems to be directing his team to approve the project even though they have questions that seem not to have been answered.  Further, the National Trust appears to have been influenced by the donation of $1 Million. It stinks.

Do you think that anyone in Egypt would let a developer dredge around the pyramids?

Heavens knows how the developer got permission to have a helipad in the middle of a wild bird reserve. Building that helipad seems to be an offence against the Act. Approving that helipad seems to be an offence against the Act.  It stinks.

It is shocking that the FNM labels people who have permission to demonstrate criminals while they conspire and collude in the commission of what may be an offence under the Wild Birds Protection Act!

How could 15 acres of dredging not impact this pristine area with rare formations?  I am told that inherently, dredging and excavation severely disturbs or destroys the natural habitat of living creatures of the sea, land and air. The EIA itself refers to a turtle nesting habitat in Bell Island. In the Exuma National Land and Sea Park, there is The Bahama Duck, the Hutia and there are stromatolite reef-forming algae and stromatolite reefs which are considered “…the oldest and rarest living creatures that hold  evidence of life on earth.”.

The dreams of Exumians are being trampled upon.  No one is listening to those people who signed the Petition. Their lives and their livelihoods are being adversely impacted, just like the people on Market St., Blue Hill Rd., and Prince Charles Dr. It appears that by paying  $1 Million to the National Trust and by giving key government high ups a few helicopter rides, the developer got the National Trust and the government to ignore their obligation to protect the park and the wild bird reserve, ignore the BEST Commission and trample upon the hopes and dreams of Bahamians who look to the National Park for sustainable development. 

This matter does not pass the smell test.

It stinks.

The entire file of this matter should be tabled in this place. Let Bahamians see for themselves how we and our heritage are being sold by the National Trust and the government.

When the developer bought the land, he knew that he was buying land in the National Land and Sea Park and that is a Reserve for wild birds.

Like others have, I could ask, how dare he think that he can come to The Bahamas and for $1 Million buy our children’s heritage?

Today I want to remind everyone here of our obligation to generations yet unborn. In the 1950s our forefathers created the National Trust and the National Park. In the 1960s our forefathers created the Reserve for birds. Bell Island is a part of that reserve.

Our forefathers had the foresight to understand the need to protect at least some of this tremendously magnificent, glorious and beautiful country for generations yet unborn.

A major part of the future of tourism in The Bahamas is ecotourism. Why would we destroy the future? We have all been to Exuma. Just flying over and looking at that water transports any person to understand and feel God’s glory.

Mt 7:7-12


Jesus said to his disciples:
“Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds;
and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.
Which one of you would hand his son a stone
when he asked for a loaf of bread,
or a snake when he asked for a fish?
If you then, who are wicked,
know how to give good gifts to your children,
how much more will your heavenly Father give good things
to those who ask him.

“Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.
This is the law and the prophets.”

Please Senators, I ask you today, do not give our children and grandchildren a stone and do not give them a snake.

I think that as responsible citizens, all in this place ought to call for no dredging to take place until all files have been tabled and the matter fully investigated right here in the people’s Parliament. The entire matter stinks. Government selling the birthright of future generations of Bahamians for $1 Million stinks.


  1. Maynard – Gibson’s senate contribution was excellent.

    I also heard HAI at the FNM rally last evening attempting to blemish Mrs. Gibson’s name – but what he failed to say is that him and his buddy Perry Christie look out for each other every time the other one is out of power.

    Just investigate and see who are/were the lawyers for all of these big investors over the last 10 – 15 years and the Bahamian people would be shocked. (Family, Friends and Lovers)>

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