Man shot dead in the street just before 1PM today

Man shot dead today is murder victim #127 for 2011.

Nassau, Bahamas — EMS officers arrived at Fire Trail Road east and Harcort Drive just before 1pm this afternoon and pronounced dead murder victim #127 for 2011.

We can report the incident took place in a populated residential area, not far from the famous Mackey Yard. Police have no leads into this latest incident, but from persons at the scene of the crime, the victim was new to the community. Sources in the position to know tell us the name of the victim is, Keith Lightbourne, a young man related to a family who owns an electrical company here on New Providence.

Sources tell us the male victim had just exited a store with food for his children. The bag was still clinched to his hand when a vehicle pulled up alongside him and opened fire; fatally wounding him.

The man was found lying in the street.

We Report Yinner Decide!


  1. These people have no hearts or compassion for others to kill that man like that. They have to know he belongs to someone. This is so awful and I really feel for the victim and his love ones. I don’t know the story behind this, but I will say one thing, sometimes these people is be mixed up in some deep stuff and they is be in these situations that is way over their heads. You don’t know what all they done do, you only could swear for yourself. Now all you seeing is the end result.

  2. We need to get together as a nation and make a stand against the violence. Crime is everyones business, sooner or later it will affect every household at one point or another if we don’t held to fright this crime. Let us join together and fight the violence

  3. What kind of chit these young boys involved with. Thats what I want to dam know. I’m flabbergasted and speechless. This what happens when ya mar and par aint worth chit, and trying to teach values they themselves don’t have. These parents raising a bunch of wutlessness. Let me get on my knees. Amen, Hallelujah.

  4. Good evening Mr. Editor,
    What has become of the news from a meeting which was held on Long island? I am from Long Island, and need to know the latest development. I understood that Larry will not be running in the up coming election, that is a very smart move on his part. He saw the hand writing on the wall. Need to know the rest of the story on Kenneth Russell where you wrote that he advised the country NOT to go with the FNM, what is that all about?

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