FNM Political Hack Peter Carey Processing Foreigners at Immigration?



Nassau, Bahamas — Once again we have focused our radar towards protecting the interests of Bahamians when it comes to ensuring that precious Bahamian Jobs and the Right to Citizenship are free from gerrymandering tactics.

It is our interest to safeguard these rights and responsibilities from the hands of mercenary political operatives and paid hands of the Governing Party if we are to protect this democracy.

Hence, when we get reports that political minded mercenary Peter Carey is “running an arm” of Immigration Services from a rinky-dinky BAIC Office situated at the Soldier Road Industrial Park in addition to plastering the Internet with FNM Hate and Vile we as the watchdog of the Bahamian People have an obligation to place these concerns, brought to us by civil minded Bahamians, into the Public Domain for Scrutiny.

It is our goal to encourage Public Officials to look into these matters that seem to mimic recently published statements made by the Minister of Immigration and correct any rogue acts of interference in the Immigration Process. There should be no case in our Government Structure that allows for private citizens who are no more than Political Hacks and Party Leadership “Drinking Buddies” to be collecting Immigration Documents from prospective persons who are in need of work permits and citizenship.

Jack Thompson alongside Minister Brent Symonette.

It is very disturbing when we get stories that a Public Servant, Peter Carey, who is being paid via an arm of the Public Purse is sitting down all day on the taxpayer dollar and processing Immigration Documents with a goal to herd votes to the Governing Party. How can this be classified as sensible use of Public Funds?

We want to know what is the relationship between Peter Carey Soldier Road situated FNM Operative and a Jamaican Lady he has befriended and tell us why a non-Immigration employee has the right to process his Friend’s Citizenship papers from his Soldier Road Government Office? We also want to know who his contact in the Immigration Department is, and whether the Minister or Director of Immigration has sanctioned these seemingly unscrupulous activities. Why are these people and many other cherry picked potential votes being process ahead of long standing applications that have been waiting for years?

We suggest that an immediate investigation be carried out so as to flush out any and all improprieties related to “processing immigration papers for votes”. We also urge the appropriate authorities to remove this power to solicit and process potential citizens and future voters from the hands of non performing BAIC Employee Peter Carey and place it back into the hands of qualified Immigration Officers so that these tasks can be executed in a decent and professional manner and without the interference of politically sanctioned FNM Campaign Workers who sit in Government Offices to Carry out their Political Duties.

This is the first salvo!

We report, Yinner Decide!


    • It appears that this FNM government is creating and designing a totally different country and society for other nationals other than Bahamians. Small roads and large side walks on both sides, water pumps all over the place and other nationals are able to get B E C to plant poles and provide current for person who are sqatters on Government and private land and obtain wihtout title and proper documents, what this country coming too.We need a URGENT changed.

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