Letter writer agree that robbery at Acting Prime Minister’s home is a breach of national security!


Nassau, Bahamas — You know I was thinking about this Acting Prime Minister robbery. This is a huge breach of National Security that is bigger than these clowns presently in office.

For all purposes the Prime Minister of The Bahamas (PLP, DNA or FNM) was almost assassinated because of poor security.

Some people senior in national security and the Police force have to be held accountable, fired or forced to hand in their resignation.

The PM or acting PM is supposed to have 24 hr security. This is common sense for any country in the middle of a crime wave. And it’s not like this crime was in imaginable and came out of no where average Bahamians are dealing with this everyday.

This shows an astonishing lack of foresight and national security by those who are paid the have this responsibility.

If they are as incompetent and lazy with his security just imagine the decisions they make for the average Bahamian.

In most other countries this would have been a HUGE deal filled with congressional hearings, calls for resignations and the news papers would be all over it demanding answers and what will be done to make sure it never happens again for the sake of future Prime Ministers.