BREAKING NEWS SHOTS FIRED >>> Police just nabbed two robbers in the Leeward East Community – Citizens are working with police to stop crime…GET ONBOARD!!!


Someone bad child is headed to jail for Christmas – POLICE ARE WORKING HARD TO KEEP US SAFE!!!!

Thieves being dragged out after being caught in the act of robbery in the Leeward East community just minutes ago - Someone bad child is going to prison for Christmas! GOOD WORK! And thanks for the quick response!

Every person in the community must now deputize themselves to keep watch in their community and call BP or the Police when you see something happening!!! WE ARE ALL IN THIS BOAT TOGETHER!!!

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News happening Right now outside one of Bahamas Press’ compounds are police officers nabbing a suspect caught in the act of stealing in the Leeward East community.

A number of robberies have been reported in this area.

Two males were captured by police just minutes ago.

Both are in their late twenties. We can report shots were fired and both bandits were caught. All I say is this – ONCE YOU TURN THROUGH BP corner – be prepared to get fired upon.

BP [BAHAMIAN POLICE] LIVE right now BREAKING NEWS… WE REPORT YINNER REPORT!!!! The police are working hard to keep yinner safe!!!

We report yinner decide!