Minnis Counter Punches from a Defensive Position and KO’S the Chipman Faction


We warned the PLP this ga happen!!!! Three FNM MPs refused to join FNM leader at Press Conference….

Loretta Butler-Turner, Richard Lightbourne and Chippie Chipman all refused to join Minnis' press conference today.
Loretta Butler-Turner, Richard Lightbourne and Chippie Chipman all refused to join Minnis’ press conference today.

“Twin Devils of Deception” joins the FNM! Minnis said he promised them nothing!

FNM women cuss Loretta Butler-Turner silly at the convention for creating trouble in the party.
FNM Long Island MP told some she refuses to celebrate with Minnis and don’t want Rollins in the Party – Rollins accused Butler-Turner of being mental after she slapped the piss out of him.

Nassau, Bahamas– There was much theatrics in the House of Assembly today ,as the two former leaders of the defunct NDP,( Andre Rollins and Renward Wells), joined forces with the FNM. Dr. Hubert Minnis, was forced into a defensive position as reports of a possible Constitutional challenge to his Leadership was contemplated. Reports have been circulating that a letter was being drafted and circulated amongst the Parliamentary Team of the FNM , to advise the Governor General, that they had no confidence in Dr. Minnis.

Dr. Minnis has made a deal with the “Twin Devils of Deception”, to cover his rear flank. He was forced into this position by the constant backstabbing of his Parliamentary Colleagues who were plotting against him. The Machiavellian ploy by Minnis, gives him the numbers to stave off a constitutional play by this Colleagues to remove him as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

The recent machinations by Butler- Turner, including her grandstanding and posturing during the aftermath of the devastating hurricane, was seen by many to be a part of her trying to upstage Minnis.

An FNM Insider told BP, ” Chippie and Crew backed Minnis into a corner and were reining blows on him daily. There were constant leaks and bickering, they were using the National Review to attack him relentlessly. Minnis crouched, bobbed and weaved, then struck like a lethal Black Mamba. He took them out Cold.”

All we going to say is this, Loretta ” Big and Sexy” Butler- Turner didn’t looked too happy today. Minnis also had a press conference to gloat, more so for himself and to showcase his trophies, we note with interest those conspicuously absent from the Press Conference.

Dr. Minnis is solidifying his position as leader and may be a “Maximum Leader” in the making according to one high ranking FNM Insider. The word is, get with Minnis or get knock the “F” out. Boy this shaping up to be a good one. We just say, when you dance with the devil, be prepared for the fallout.

We report yinner decide, Kermit, microwave the popcorn, this ga be long. We wonder what Frank Watson has to say. Uh Huh.

Twin Devils of Deception now set to Breakup the FNM for PAPA!