Raw Sewerage flood Customs/Baggage lounge at LPIA

The bathroom at LPIA closed after sewerage pipes burst Customs/baggage terminal!

NASSAU| Last week guests and residents coming to the Bahamas got the stench of a lifetime as they were greeted with the smell of raw sewerage emanating from the Customs/baggage terminal at LPIA.

Some sewerage pipe burst which caused raw sewerage to spill all along the carpet like a Tsunami. The smell was unbearable and left persons arriving in the Bahamas for the first time to run, holding their nose.

One guest under attack told BP, “The scent is terrible. And workers had to endure the scent for days, we understand. Who is running this place? If this was in America that entire side of the airport would be closed.”

BP calls on NAD to please pay attention and deal urgently with this problem.

With LPIA serving nearly 3.5 million passengers in the fiscal year 2018 the operations generated $89 million in revenue last year.

We report yinner decide!