Three sitting FNM politicians owe the Education Loan Authority thousands for more than a decade!


Up to 2017 Senator Renard Henfield owed $89,120.04!

SENATOR Renard Henfield, Minister Lanisha Rolle and MP Pakeisha Parker all owe the Education Loan Authority.

NASSAU| A Cabinet Minister and a sitting MP both also owe the Education Loan Authority thousands. 

Both of their names were removed from the published list of those who owe funds to the Authority.

Sources inside the Authority have confirmed both Minister for Youth Sports and Culture, Lanisha Rolle, and MP for West End, Pakeisha Parker, owe the Authority thousands in student loans.

However, both MPs are paying their debt.
Meanwhile, our sources also confirm Senator Renard Eric Henfield, whose name made the list of persons years in delinquency, owed the Authority – as far back as February 7th, 2017 – some $89,120.04. 

Senator Henfield told the media he paid his debt from 2004.  However, he failed to confirm that he was in contact with the creditors in 2017.

This fact suggests Henfield lied to the media and failed to tell the truth.

Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd told the media he has ordered an investigation into how Henfield’s name was published when he could have been contacted as a sitting Senator.

We report yinner decide!