Latest traffic fatality victim is Coca Cola employee and married father of two Deangelo Bethel

Latest traffic fatality victim Deangelo Bethel dies on the scene just 17 days to Christmas.

BP BREAKING UPDATE| Bahamas Press has now confirmed the identity of that latest traffic fatality victim which occurred on Tonique Darling Highway around 3 am on Sunday morning.

The victim has been identified as Deangelo Bethel.

Police reported he died on the scene just 17 days before Christmas.

Bethel is an employee of Coca Cola in the capital and was formally an employee of Rubis Faith Ave. North.

He married two years ago to Italia Whylly -Bethel and he was the father of two beautiful daughters.

We pray for his young family who is taking the news of his passing hard. And we pray tonight for his soul that our GOOD AND GRACIOUS GOD deliver him rest eternally.

We report yinner decide!