A 29-year-old male found guilty of sexually molesting a 13-year-old multiple times…

Walter Gray, 29

NASSAU| So Walter Gray, 29, caught the bus into the Department of Corrections on Friday after he was found guilty of having UNLAWFUL sexual intercourse with a minor female some four years ago.

The sex with the young teen started when she was just 13 and the convicted “GRAY ASS” was 27! The sex continued multiple times into the young girl’s 14th year.

Now, the young girl (who under the law could not give consent to sex) told the court she wanted Gray to take her virginity. And Gray being dumb and stupid did just that. Anyway, the child rapist got caught, and guess what? Gray is headed to jail while the now 17-year-old will get on with her life. 

In Gray’s weak defense he testified that the “CHILD” was too fast and forward, and one time he found his penis in the child’s mouth while he slept. What kinda home was this?

Anyway some advice for Gray as he finds his new home up at Fox Hill Prison; Do not sleep hard ’cause this time when you wake up PRISONER “BLACK DICK” will be standing over you in the cell! Do not drop ya soap!

We ga report and let yinner decide!