A 35-year-old garbage collection truck driver set to face a judge for multiple molestation incidents


Step-Grandfather is being defended by Grandmother and has turned against her grandchid! WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS? I wonder which politician we ga blame for this kinda rot in the communities?

The Supreme Court building.
The Supreme Court building.

Nassau, Bahamas — When the courts open this coming Tuesday morning they will read the charges to another pedophile who was caught last week Monday!

Bahamas Press can confirm that on Monday 21st, December, police had to be called into a home where an 11-year-old child has allegedly been repeatedly molested by a guardian!

The child we can report had been visiting her 42-year-old grandmother when the sad incident took place. The child’s 35-year-old step-grandfather is being held by police, and all the medical reports are in. This one ain’t ga end well!

The grandmother – on the other hand – is defending her accused husband and is dismissing the charges presented her grandchild. What a guardian!

Bahamas Press understands the accused is a truck driver for a major garbage collection company. He is expected to be formally charged for the incidents this coming Tuesday morning.

We report yinner decide!