A False Authority on an Obama Presidency



Nassau, Bahamas: Today Stephen Wrinkle, president of the Bahamian Contractors Association (BCA), was out like most Republican spokespersons, warning the public what is possible if Obama became President of the United States.

Today Americans are voting on long lines some in rainy weather to cast their ballots to elect a new president. Democrats are hoping that their candidate Barack Obama, the first black African American to receive the party’s nomination, will win tonight’s historic election. And Republicans hope their candidate, war hero John McCain would clinch the win after a uphill battle over the last two years.

However, as Bahamas Press favors Barack Obama, we could not help but respond to Wrinkle’s comments today on Love 97FM. The contractor who had much negative talk about an OBAMA PRESIDENCY had little to say about the current situation. Wrinkle mysteriously avoided the fact that UNDER THE REPUBLICANS THE WORLD HAS SPUN INTO RECESSION.

WRINKLE, the now OVER USED SPOKESMAN ON EVERYTHING, who has little experience on anything, forgot to mention that in the last eight years, George Bush [Who has endorsed McCain] has entered two wars, running the American national debt to $10 TRILLION, more than the last 24 presidents of the United States combine.

Wrinkle seems to dismiss the fact that not only McCain is in trouble, but also over 13 Senate seats, held by Republican candidates who will also lose tonight.

Wrinkle also mysteriously forgot that he had NOT A VOICE IN THIS TOWN, BECAUSE under Christie’s PLP government, contractors were all over this country working OVERTIME! Some construction workers worked for 22 hours, trying to complete construction projects, from Abaco in the north, to Inagua in the south and every island in between. But suddenly under Hubert Ingraham, every contractor today has workers out of work. And even he [Wrinkle] has more time for the WUTLESS media!

And Wrinkle forgot to mention that it was Hubert Ingraham and NOT Barack Obama who stopped over $90 Million in capital construction projects earmarked for this country. Ingraham stopped and TERMINATED developments in the pipeline, putting out-of-work thousands of masons, carpenters, tile layers, plumber, painters and electricians. With scores of service workers, today now unemployed, further crippling our economy.

Members of the WUTLESS media should accept that if Wrinkle cannot assess how his own construction business here in the Bahamas, how in the world could he assess the political developments now unfolding in the United States? For us, Wrinkle’s advise on OBAMA is like a peanut boy trying to explain the procedures of a heart transplant. Wrinkle is another FALSE AUTHORITY on an OBAMA presidency. How can a construction worker claim that it would get worse UNDER OBAMA, when under Bush/McCain he is out of a JOB?

But you know, empty barrels always make the MOST NOISE!


  1. No brain washing here but you acting crazy. The man win. You cant do nothing about it.

    This IS a predominantly BLACK country. You see otherwise?

  2. Im making so much sense you just cant handle it, thats ok though, you are an obamanite, i realise you are brainwashed.

  3. now i know you are joking, saying this is a BLACK country. like i said, i will tell anyone no matter what color skin dey have, bout dey hip if they deserve it. want equality? act like it.
    BOL!!!! 😀

  4. General, would you go and stand up in a Catholic Church and cuss Catholics? Well the same goes for a man who is WHITE and in a BLACK country (foreign to him) but sees it fit to bad talk a BLACK man.

  5. General. I think you better sit this one out cause you’re not making any sense. First you said Obama would NEVER get in ……. he got in so I think you should just accept it and call it a day.

    Dont slander the man cause he won the presidency. McCain conceded, why can’t you?

  6. communist obama does have a very limited vocab, with “hope”, “change” and then an uncompleted sentence, “yes we can”. obama, same ole same ole, just a difrent face. BOL!

  7. Sorry Joe but a majority win that was built off of drunkin bums that didnt know WHO they were voting for, does not count. Acorn -> pro obama -> say they will beat mccain down -> corruption – Voting Fraud at its best!!

  8. President-elect Barack Obama was legitimatly voted in by the majority of American voters. In a democracy one accepts the will of the majority. It is in the best interest of the U.S. for all citizens to now throw their support behind B.O. Do as McCain did and graciously accept defeat and then find it in your heart to give Obama a chance to prove himself or not as the case may be. Do not be like the “Fox” network, who even tonight are continuing to naysay the chosen one. Besides this is not your call. You and I are only bystanders.

  9. Quote by Drama:
    “How dare he live in a BLACK country and “preach” against a BLACK man – Obama.”


    I take it this is a joke right?
    I can preach against anyone I like regardless of their skin color, if one only sees the color of someones skin, then they are a RACIST. I can tell a black man to kiss my azz just as much as I can tell a white man to do it – you want equality, start acting like it!!

  10. Obama Bin Laden allowed all his brain washed followers to attack non believers with their nasty and vile verbal assaults. Palin only hit back after she and her family were torn to pieces by those angry dumocrats and the obama news media mouthpieces.

    Obama refuses to answer the tuff questions, his campaign literally controlled the media, still does, that is COMMUNIST. So essentially, the Obama presidency is basically a Communist Regime.

    Obama and his followers basically campaigned by brainwashing more and more, especially the poor and also the less intelligent, especially those that flock to religious leaders like sheep, and would do ANYTHING for him. They even steeped as low as dragging bums who didnt even know who Obama was, down to vote for him, once they were paid by food or drink.

    An Obama Win – Voter Fraud at its best.
    That or the majority of Americans are just plain stupid.

  11. Media I believe you is be trying to gave me nightmares, every time I think these pictures with the PM can not get anymore uglier, you find a more horrifying one. This one looks really wicked!!

  12. Why did Love 97FM see the need to have Stephen Wrinkle on discussing the Obama Presidency? The man has no clue about what lies ahead for his own construction company. They must be just wanted to fill that time slot and out of desperation they called him in for an interview.

  13. I’ve noticed Mr. Wrinkle becoming more nad more the “AUTHORITY” on everything. He is probably a Racist Republican from South USA.

    How dare he live in a BLACK country and “preach” against a BLACK man – Obama. The nerve of him. But this can only happen in a country where the BLACK leader is an Uncle Tom.

  14. He is now the President, more than half of the voting Americans made their choice. So, Mr. Wrinkle can just keep quiet on American politics.

  15. ……..and where he come from all of a sudden. I never even heard about him before. Wrinkle is the peanut boy!

  16. Well we at Bahamas Press comments relative to what he placed in public domain. We have no time to discuss what he is doing in the construction industry, because if we go there, that would be another can of worms. Remember the Albany Project and $2 million payout to be quiet on what the was going down there with Bahamian contractors? So don’t go there CANESFINS!

    He attacked Obama, and we respond, HE IS A FALSE AUTHORITY!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  17. You are dead wrong on Mr. Wrinkle. Mr. Wrinkle is attempting to do admirable things in the ocnstruction industry. Creating standards, pushing through much needed legislation. Last week he attacked the current government. Mr. Wrinkle is far from an Ingraham apologist and dis very good and admirable in his trade.

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