Man attempted to kill another in Church on Bimini



Bailey Town, Bimini: A horrifying incident unfolded on Bimini as a cutlass wielding young man chased another threatening to kill, during a church service over the weekend.

Worshippers at the Gateway Outreach Ministry church on Bimini ran for their lives as a 19 year-old man entered the church threatening to kill. Worshippers said the ordeal was horrific as they identified the attacker by his last name Brennen. Brennen, a resident on the island ran through chairs attempted to chop another man with a cutlass.

“What is going on with these young people? You mean to tell me I cannot go to church in peace, before someone sacrifice another, and hack them to death in church,” a shaken mother told Bahamas Press.

Bahamas Press has learned that the attack occurred in the front of island administrator Derek Ellis, who was in church at the time, along with other worshipers.

Police on the island is said to have not yet arrested the young man involved in the incident, which one resident noted, continues to away breaking the law.

“This is fast becoming on lawless island, just last week police officers arrested a wanted rapist from New Providence which was hiding out here on Bimini. Now we have cutlass totting misguided young men threaten to kill people whilst in church? What is wrong with this country,” an eyewitness told Bahamas Press.

Brennen before leaving the sanctuary reportedly told those gathered when he returns it would be with a gun. Biminites could be seen fleeing the church ground whilst the incident unfolded with one mother bursting out in tears and others in shock to see the level of violence now in church.

“Where are the police? I mean people could kill you right in church these days and still be walking up and down in the road,” the eyewitness said.

Brennen is still not in police custody and worshippers say they are too afraid to return to church seeing that the young man is still walking around as if nothing happened.


  1. You hit the nail on the head, Obama Mama. I hope this young man has a praying grammy….lol

  2. This is a disgrace. I am ashamed for the boys family and scared for his life. He trepassed on dangerous grounds. He don’t know how dangerous it is to disrespect the house of the Lord. Forgive him Father for he know not what he do.

  3. My my my gone are days when the church used to be a safe haven. Years ago go could of gotten away by running to church, cause you know your attacker(s) had respect for the church and they was not coming in the House of God during a church service, they would have atleast wait until the service was over. People today are so cold and bold now, they don’t care where you run now……very serious .….

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