1. is obama the mesiah?

    “… a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany … and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama” – Barack Obama Lebanon, New Hampshire.
    January 7, 2008.


  2. @Drama. never, i never concede on this. I just said I will not post anymore on the topic. If people still dont want to question Obama then that is up to them.

  3. @Kim, what you are doing is not healthy, being obsessed by obama that you will not listen to simple facts about him and his campaign. Anyway, we will never agree on this so perhaps dont reply to me?

  4. generalcrazy like you told me in an earlier post we will not always agree on everything and this is something I have accepted. You think I was brainwashed, I know myself and I am very sure it never happened. Generalcrazy I can’t say understand what you are going through, the only can tell you is that I could sense something is wrong. As an internet friend, I just want to encourage you to let it go and move on, what you are doing is not healthy.

  5. @Kim im sorry you are still brain washed by obama, perhaps one day soon you will see the light.

  6. Generalcrazy everytime after an election it is only natural to find people with some resentment, because things did not go the way they wanted. We must realize that nothing happens in life unless God allows it, we may not know the reason, but it is not our place to question it. The election is over and now it is time for looking forward and stop replaying all the negativity that occur leading up to the election, because rehashing it would only hinder us from having love for each other. In life things will happen that is beyond our control and we would not be able to adjust it to suit our purposes, we have to accept this and move on.

  7. generalcrazy Obama did not win because he was half black and half white. He won because he made the case to the American people that change was needed and that that Washington is broken …that is why he won.

    His campaign was not rude and nast unless you watched some other campaign and where does communism fit into the equation?

    We should look toward a hopefull Presidency with Obama.

  8. Boy so obama has control of another media, now im being told what i can and cant say here. so sad so pathetic.

    Obamas Nasty and Rude campaign full of communist leaning ideas and controlling the media, will forever go down in History as the most pathetic campaign.

  9. Can someone please tell me if the General was tuned in to the same election campaign that we watched? Which part of Obama’s campaign was rude and nasty and leaned towards communism?

    Think the General mixed the candidates up?

  10. NOW NOW GENERALCRAZY, quickly take your pills and take your rest. I have been patient with you, knowing you have just come out of a distressing defeat. BUT if you continue to act as if someone chopped off your pinky finger, WE WOULD HAVE NO CHOICE AND SILENCE YOU ON THIS BLOG!



  11. Obamas Nasty and Rude campaign full of communist leaning ideas and controlling the media, will forever go down in History as the most pathetic campaign.

  12. Despite McCain tasteless and crude campaign during the fight for presidency. Tuesday night he had delivered a great speech. Even though he was categorized as “The Poker Face Man”. It was not showed through his speech,when he had excepted his defeat.
    P.S ‘generalcrazy’ thanks for the update, I am waiting patiently for January 20th 2009 for America’s “NEW” President lol

  13. I congradulate President Elect Obama on a victory that can only be called one word “Historic” ..Thus said we here in the Bahamas can take much notes on how the presidential race was ran it was not without it’s mud and slime commercials or without it’s highs and lows but in the end the best man be he black or white young or old won over the American people.

    I have read and heard on the radio during the days following Obama’s win that we here in the Bahamas need our own Obama but we have forgotten that we had our own Obama in Sir Lynden Pindling he was the Obama of his day .

    We have serious problems in our country and we still do not want to face them just today I heard a disturbing ad from the Chamber of Commerce it stated that they are calling for all professionals to discuss the situation in our country …..My question is why only high class professionals what about the rest of people and business folkes in our nation.

    Folkes Obama won because people craved change in America here in the Bahamas it is coming but we must make it happen .

    Media and everyone that blogs on this site we have to start the ball rolling on this I for one go about everyday with this in my mind. we must demand the change and we must start the movement towards this change .

  14. WOW! That is true, I have heard about McCain’s bad temper. His speech had me so blown away, I forgot the people behind the scene. They really did a job controlling him during the campaign, may they are the people our ministers should consider bringing in to train them on conduct.

  15. Wisdom and Kim, I don’t know about McCain as a consultant for that. Despite his behavior on the campaign trail, he is also know for his fiery temper, outburst, and talking down to people. His handlers did a good job of controlling him during the campaign, maybe they need to be hired as the consultants.

  16. ….LOL….Wisdom that sound like a plan, but you know our government ministers thinks their conduct is above reproach. The thing is, they really see those screaming matches, the tantrums and insults as a form of entertainment for us and we should admire them for putting on a good show.

  17. WOW! Obama and McClain conduct and speeches after the election is something our politicians would do well to emulate. Both men were very inspiring and what I like most both talked about unity. Nobody should feel threaten after an election that is a time for putting differences aside and working together to make the country stronger. Last election I remember some of my friends who works for government had their cars decorated with PLP stickers and flags all over their cars, when they heard the FNM won, those things came off so fast, they feared they would have been victimized.

  18. Stuff like this, while it makes me proud of American and global advancements, makes me look at our country and think about what has to done to push us forward.

    First things first time for Igraham and Christie to go.

  19. Kim, I agree with you about McCain’s speech but what was more interesting was Obama’s speech. Did you see the effort he made to bring the country back together? “There are no blue states or red states, only the United States of America”, he also stated that he was the President of those who voted for him and opposed him. Now think back to the FNM victory rally and Ingraham’s divisive, threatening speech that night. Now you know what is the real problem in this country.

  20. @Professor, Obama is NOT the President of The United States of America, yet. So it is still President Bush for now. Just wanted to clear that up.

  21. Obama Bin Laden allowed all his brain washed followers to attack non believers with their nasty and vile verbal assaults. Palin only hit back after she and her family were torn to pieces by those angry dumocrats and the obama news media mouthpieces.

    Obama refuses to answer the tuff questions, his campaign literally controlled the media, still does, that is COMMUNIST. So essentially, the Obama presidency is basically a Communist Regime.

    Obama and his followers basically campaigned by brainwashing more and more, especially the poor and also the less intelligent, especially those that flock to religious leaders like sheep, and would do ANYTHING for him. They even steeped as low as dragging bums who didnt even know who Obama was, down to vote for him, once they were paid by food or drink.

    An Obama Win – Voter Fraud at its best.
    That or the majority of Americans are just plain stupid.

  22. The “New” President of The United States of America, Senator Barack Obama. Gave his speech last night in Chicago it was impeccable. He assured those voter who didn’t vote for him, that he would persevere in gaining their trust. Because it is needed for Americans to come together to build America. Just as History was made yesterday, Iam hoping that our Bahamian Government can make this political change as Obama did, He had ran a clean campaign and ensure Americans that he is the man for the job. We as Bahamians need to stop listening to these politician that only bring propaganda and controversy.

  23. Kim Sands, Our Goverment like to bring in consultants in every area of goverment. Let us demand they bring John McCain as a consultant to our parliment sessions for a few sittings.

  24. John McCain’s concession speech, tells us alot about him.
    Must of our Bahamian politicians (PLP & FNM) needs to go to a John McCain seminar, so they would be able to except their 2012 defeat with grace.

  25. John McCain’s concession speech seem so gracious and sincerely. I respect that he was able to be so optimistic after being defeated. What a great guy!

  26. What a great day to be alive! This is an historic event I shall never forget! Lets share the joy and keep hope alive…”Yes We Can”


  27. BREAKING NEWS>>>>Air Jamaica Jazz Promoter Expresses Sadness At Passing Of Byron Lee

    NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Nov. 5, 2008: In 2006 Walter Elmore, the promoter of the annual Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival honored legendary musician Byron Lee. On Tuesday Elmore expressed sadness at Lee`s passing, just moments after confirmation that the Jamaican-born pioneer had died of cancer.

    `We are saddened by the passing of the Dragon,` Elmore, President of TurnKey Productions told CWNN. `Jamaica the Caribbean and the world has lost a pioneer and musical icon. We are pleased that we had the opportunity in 2006 to honor and celebrate his work during his 50th anniversary.`

    Lee died of cancer at the University Hospital of the West Indies on Tuesday. He was 73. His death had been rumored for days as he lay gravely ill in a hospital bed. But it was only on Tuesday morning that the Dragonaires leader departed this world.

    Sharon Gordon, a music writer and promoter with a deep knowledge of Jamaica`s musical heritage, said Lee `was definitely a pioneer and he should be recognized as such.` He introduced calypso to Jamaica, she added.

    It `is sad that on the heels of losing Alton Ellis, we’re losing Bryon,` added Gordon. `Byron was the first non Trinidadian to go to Trinidad and mash up the place. He took pride in presenting our music in a fashion that was big bandesque and he launched so many careers of nationals across the region, including Keith Lyn.`

    Lee founded the band Byron Lee and the Dragonaires band in 1956 at age 20 and recorded calypso songs, including `Tiny Winey,` `Ouch,` and the re-recording of `Only a Fool` with The Mighty Sparrow.

    The band soon signed with the West Indies Recording Limited label owned by future Prime Minister Edward Seaga.

    Lee bought the label in 1964. His Kingston studio would later attract musicians including The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton. Lee in a 2006 interview reveled in the fact that he owned his entire production house and was not a slave to big labels. He spent his time between Florida and Jamaica

    He is survived by his wife and six children.

  28. Congratulation is inorder for President Obama and Vice President Biden on their victory and everybody who supported them. McClain and Palin will be remembered for the good fight they fought and I wish Palin much success if she decides to run in 2012.

  29. Oh well emerica and da bahamas is screwed now.
    Wonder if the democrats can heal them selfs and stop being so nasty and rude now, Good luck to dem 😀




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