Nassau, Bahamas: Bahamas Press
has watched, with much consternation, the continued saga by the wutless media concerning this no name member of parliament who, the wutless media claims is tied up in a plethora of scandals surrounding the ministry of housing.

But that is not what really concerns Bahamas Press because if the wutless media and it’s amateur investigative-arm, The Royal Bahamas Police Force, has a case, then for the sake of public scrutiny over our resources, it must be brought forth. To keep up a malicious and stale melodrama makes the wutless media, conspirators to whatever they claimed has happened.

Bahamas Press took note of remarks made by the leader of the PLP at a breakfast ceremony several Saturdays past, where he alluded to his ministers knowing where he stands/stood as far a corruption goes and even though they are not in power anymore, the institution called The PLP has outlived Pindling, will out live him (Christie) and thus, the integrity of the institution must always be preserved.

In plain English, without the yellow streak of his backbone getting in our way, Christie was basically throwing any and all of his ministers “under the bus” if they were mixed up in any corruption as a result of being part of his government. Of course these remarks came at a time when the wutless media was busy reporting on this no name member of parliament. Hence, Bahamas Press can only conclude that Christie was taking a careful swipe at this no name member of Parliament, clearing himself, spearing having to name anyone and pleasing the wutless media all in one swipe. But here is the part that has caused Bahamas Press much consternation….

Mr. Christie can “back hand slap” one or all of his ministers, if given the opportunity, but yet he cannot even approach his family members about their behavior that goes beyond corruption, but is in fact criminal. Let’s look at his siblings and the word incest. Bahamas Press knows the exact definition of the word “incest” and in this context Bahamas Press is not connoting anything sexual (though there is a legitimate case of The Christie siblings being of one psychosexual mindset). In this case Bahamas Press bends the meaning to show how clannish they are and how they interbreed when it comes to criminality.

There are three brothers and two sisters (and an outside brother). The two sisters live quiet lives—but so did Heidi Fleiss before she was exposed! But then there are the two brothers. The middle brother, Gary, has been Perry’s bagman when ever money is in play. So whenever you see Gary doing something (which is always shady), you could believe that he has Christie’s blessings. Exactly three years ago, back on April 2, 2005 for example, containers in North Andros with all of the cigarettes and alcohol discovered by Customs was supposedly confiscated. Was anybody ever charged? No! Did Customs Chief John Rolle overlook this infraction? Bahamas Press does not know. But what Bahamas Press does know is that John Rolle has never been a friend of The PLP. But he was never removed from Customs under The PLP, even though, Bill Poitier, was the Customs administrator that every PLP wanted to replace John Rolle and Rolle gave PLP ministers pure hell and his boss, Christie, never intervened.

At the time of the container discovery, Gary Christie had and probably still has a bar at the top of Baillou Hill Road, with a big sign that said, “SELLING THE COLDEST AND CHEAPEST BEERS IN TOWN.” Obviously, that confiscated container didn’t stop any show because it wasn’t the first or the last. And who knows, they do auction items confiscated by Customs, correct?

Then there is the younger brother, Kevin. Considered an amiable chap, he’s been in trouble most of his adult life. A dropout at LSU and troubled drug fellow, he’s seen his share of court, but of course, Perry worked that out for him too. But it seems that he went on to bigger things in 2002-07. It was reported that he had a non-profit organization, in his own name that at first was bringing in these Haitian bands. Do you remember they would be in Grand Bahama and then find their way to the Lions Club on Thompson Blvd. Hill, or the union hall on East Street and Soldier Rd?

Well Bahamas Press also discovered that through this same non-profit organization, Kevin was also bringing in Haitians by the lot with visa status as a part of the price! Where are all of these Haitians after five years? And if Kevin wants to know who’s talking it, tell him to check Lafleur—Ms. Lafleur that is.  As a side note, this revelation to our dear readers should put to rest the reckless remarks during the 2007 campaign that the minister, Fred Mitchell, was involved in a visa scandal. No it wasn’t a Mitchell—it was a Christie.

As far as Bahamas Press is concerned, you can pick any Christie, because if one is involved, all are. They are just an incestuous lot. Now Bahamas Press hopes that Perry Christie will chastise his siblings for what he knows happened, before he throws his comrades on the garbage heap just because the wutless media encourages him to do it.


  1. I would agree that the first 2 HI govts were better than the last PC admin. but I annot agree under NO circumstances that this HI govt. is better than the previous PC got.!!!

    PC might have let some issues slip by but it was still better for the majority under his rule!!

    HI is being very SPITEFUL and is acting like he does not care.. He was the very one saying that the PLP only like to give handouts for votes rather than making people owners and what has he been doing since coming to office??

    People have been losing their jobs left, right and center so rather than providing jobs, this govt has been giving out handouts which some say is just political, trying to regain the TRUST of the small man!!

  2. Rag Reader: You have a salient point. If B.P. wanted to bring to light the trasgressions of Mr. Christies’ siblings he should have done so in another article pointedly addressing the sibling’s issue and not link it to Mr. Christies’ inability to “slap down” members of his elected government who transgress. P.B. is still learning though and so we must give him some time. He needs to take some good courses in journalism and creative writing. But we thank him anyway for his work on this blog and will continue to support him in his efforts to help make improvements in the country. (incest: sexual intercourse between persons regarded as too closely related to marry each other.) Perhaps P.B. could have searched for a beter word to help convey his meaning. Some persons might come away believing P.B. is accusing the clan of something egregious. (look it up in the dictionary yourself, please.


  4. RP/R Pratt…..I am seriously thinking about reserving my vote as well in 2012 if we dont have some third party emerge and show good promise OR the PLP and FNM dont have new leaders. These two guys need to leave politics alone. They are a turn off.

  5. I voted for the first time in the last election. If either of them are there in the next election im not voting for them. God forbid if both of them are at it come 2012, I just won’t vote! And Mr. Ingraham and his entire cabinet are demonstrating why I should have voted Ingraham into retirement.

  6. R.P. H.I. and P.C. loves power, if one or both is still running for PM in the next election despite their age that would not surprise me. I would like to forget them as well, but they would not allow us, because they refuse to get out of the picture.

  7. I have no interest in Christie…neither Ingraham these days. Casefins is right…..can we talk about people and issues more meaningful? Becasue it doesn’t matter what we say about these guys anymore. They are set for life because of their “service” to the nation, and with our tax dollars paying their pensions, their position will remain the same no matter what.

  8. Drama King it is very sad, people today have accepted these wicked politicians. They no longer care about what is right or wrong their main concern is their party appearance. They dont want to hear nothing if it affect their party. They love when you lie to them and keep them in the dark.

  9. Thats is very sad, Kim as it means we have a lot of very ignorant people in this country…..sad

  10. That Christie clan sound like a dangerous bunch. This country could never get any better as long as we have so many corrupt people in government. People have gotten so use to these corrupt politicians that they are prepared to sweep their dirty under the rug and forget about it.

  11. Rupert, No this is an INVESTIGATIVE piece. If you read this carefully, you would see we at Bahamas Press want to let readers of BP and persons in the PLP see that Perry ‘John McCain’ Christie is double tongued, and is a problem for 2012.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  12. BP, these are the kind of stories i expect from the from the “WUTLESS” media.. Did that rat in the PLP just emailed you this story, or is this investigative reporting?.. How about you and your press team go too the streets and find out how hard it really is for the adv. Bahamian. Find out from the government what are their plans for moving this country forward, ask questions from your Mp’s, get these guys on tape, both PLPs and FNMs. Try to get the story behind the story, this is what investigative journalism is all about. The world is changing BP. let your website be pacesetters

  13. BP, are you saying that Christie was wrong for not moving John Rolle because he supported the FNM? Isn’t that victimization? Didn’t Mr. Rolle have a family to feed, bills to pay just like anyone else?

  14. Can we talk about propsective issues? Why does everyone in the Bahamas insist on looking backwards?

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