Where are the keepers of the gate? (POLICE)



With all the persons missing, the robberies and carjackings now taking place around this country, POLICE should be very concern when they see cars left abandoned in Nassau. ALMOST EVERY DAY A CAR CAN BE FOUND LEFT IDLE ON MILO BUTLER HIGHWAY. CARS IDLE FOR SO LONG THAT THIEVES CLAIMS PARTS. These days cars are left in the middle of the road, with the doors open and police pass them as if nothing is wrong. THIS BEIGE NISSAN SENTRA (ABOVE & BELOW) was left on Gladstone Road LICENSE PLATE #42377, since LAST WEEK WEDNESDAY, on the government land and not a sold has investigated it. Today (THURSDAY 6th NOV.) the car is now being stripped down to its wheels. WHERE ARE THE KEEPERS OF THE GATE IN THIS COUNTRY? WHO IS GUARDING THE STREET? FOR GOODNESS SAKE, WHERE IS THE POLICE?




  1. I understand that the courts have a heavy backlog, this is why I think they should focus on the more serious offenders like arm robbers, murders, drug dealers and rapists; they should view their cases as more of a priority. They should try to avoid at any cause allowing these people back unto our streets. If a person is waiting trial for a less serious offense and the court do not have the manpower to get to their cases in a particular time frame, they should give those persons bail.

  2. It is hard to determine who is innocent and who is guilty in prison, once the court have convicted these people as being guilty, they should serve their time. The ones who have been waiting trial pass a particular time and the court have yet to hear their cases, they should be given bail until the courts are able to hear their cases. Once they have been found guilty and they are not able to prove their innocent beyond the shadow of a doubt, they should remain in jail. The ones who are locked up for minor offenses and the ones who are close to being released from prison the government should use them to clean up our country.

  3. Last night I was thinking about th 640 persons on remand waiting for a trial. Suppose 10% are innocent. That would mean 576 are guilty of some kind of crime.Now suppose that 1/2 of them have committed minor and non-violent crimes (288). Would it be possible to take the 288 plus the 64 and offer them amesty of a sort. That is take them immediately in lots of say 20 before the magistrate and and let them plead guilty to a very minor charge. Public mischief? They could then on mass, be sentenced to 100 hours of public service. At the end of the hours they would be discharged with nothing on their record. If any of the 20 refuse this plea they would immediately go back on remand to face trial. Even if I were not guilty I believe I would opt to do the public service hours myself. Of course this presupposes that the penal system would be organized enough to have a list of public service projects and wardens prepared to supervise. These people could be assigned to clean up school grounds, parks, public beach areas, grounds of government buildings, paint the walls at Government House,clean up downtown Bay Street etc. This project would relieve the overcrowded prison, cost less than having them in prison, relieve the necessity of bail hearings. Please feel free to pull this suggestion apart and let me know whether it is feasible or not.

  4. Congratulations! Good to know that B.P. has such influence. Perhaps your bloggers should send your post with pictures to show infractions and B.P. can show them from time to time as pictures seem to get to the powers that be better than a thousand words.Be sure to include locations. Environmental messes would be an appropo subject too.

  5. We are happy to report that this car has been removed! And here lies the problem, if the wutless media in this country was ONLY do their jobs, many simple things like this would not be a problem.

    We have another vehicle like this one, which has been left abandon on the side of the road since last month, let’s see if that would be removed before it is reported.


  6. WOW! this is a very serious problem. There was this gentleman with a car like my own who had locked his keys in his car, he had pried the window down and he had a stick trying to reach the keys in the ignition. After watching him struggle for awhile, I decided to try my car key in his door to see if would open it, to my surprise the door open with no hassle.

  7. Kim, I had someone show, me a couple of years ago, a ring of keys that had the MASTER KEY for every manufacturer on it including Hummer. With these type of equipment, nobody is safe.

  8. Hondas and Nissans are very easy cars to steal; you would find that many people who have these types of cars have keys for your car, because the company who made these cars made all the locks the same. When the police found my car there were no sign of forced entry and everything was in good working condition. I had a very sensitive alarm on my car, but I probably did not made sure it was set before walking away. Since them I have sold my prince charming and brought a new one.

  9. Last year my 2003 Toyota windom was stolen from the Town Centre Mall parking lot last year. I went to do some shopping at Costrite, when I was finished shopping the parking boy followed me, when I arrived at the spot where I had parked it, it was vacant. I was in disbelief, I walked from one angle to the next looking for my car, the securities and the parking boy asked me, if I was sure I did not park in the upper level parking lot? I told them if I had I would have remembered; I know it would not be up there, but we still checked. I called the police and give them all the necessary information, they told me they did not have any cars available, but give them about 15 to 30 minutes, and they will send someone to investigate it. After an hour of waiting I called them back and they told me somebody will be there in 10 minutes. The police finally arrived and they asked me the same questions, I answered on the phone, the only thing I had to sign a police report. After that I was calling the police everyday to find out if they had located my car. They kept telling me no, this when on for 3 weeks, until my mechanic who also has a record truck company and often do work for the police called me at work to ask me what happened to my car, he told me he saw it on the police compound for a couple of weeks and he was wondering what the deal was with it. I told him my car was stolen and I was calling them every other day asking them if they had found it. He told me you would not believe how long your car being on their compound. I went to collect my car right away and I told them how disappointed and how wutless they were, I have yet to receive an apology from them to this day. I even had to pay to have my car removed from their compound. They told me it was the cost to cover the record truck, which had brought the car there. They found it on the side of the road by independence highway.

  10. The more the police allow people to get away with small things, the more tempted they are to try something big. When someone commits a murder, I assure you it is not the first crime they have committed, but they begin to get bolder and bolder as the police seemingly turn a blind eye.

    BP in my daily commute, I often pass these abandoned cars, some just feet away from police stations. They are left there for weeks when it is obvious they may have been involved in some type of crime as a getaway vehicle. It is almost as if the police are to content to drive up and down in A/C to investigate. They act as if they can’t take the initiative to investigate unless somebody reports it to them. I have often reported these vehicles but it still seems like weeks before action is taken.

  11. JOE, I appreciate this post of yours. We certainly need more like you to report these kids of matters to the country. Now that you have shamed them, watch how fast someone will act on that.

    It is a Crying SHAME to see how WUTLESS the police have come. I mean look at the many infractions occurring all across this country. We at BP keep posting these photos as recently a young girl reported her car stolen, some months back. She inquired and no report of her car turned up in police reports.

    Weeks later her car was discovered by a friend, in the downtown area, burned on the side of the road. I mean how can a car be parked, where NO homes are, on the side of the road in the downtown area? And just left with NO KIND OF INVESTIGATION???

    You mean to tell us, human could be burnt to a crisp in a suspicious looking vehicle and police drive pass with A/C on? Is this Baghdad, Iraq?


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  12. The Police appear to be unable to see any of the smaller infractions that happen in this country. I have observed traffic violations while the police cars are right on the scene. They often look the other way and go about their business. Perhaps they don’t want to write up any incident reports. I am so tired of hearing the words “zero tolerance” coming from their mouths. They want the public to assist them but it has been my experience when you do, they either do not have a vehicle available, or they say they will look into it and the car never comes or the senior officers are not on duty or you must repeat the information 3 or 4 times and even then you are not sure they are digesting what you say. Two weeks ago I became aware of a vendor in a large white vehicle setting up on the Coral Harbour Round-about. It was surprising how many vehicles stopped to buy breakfast. Not only did the operation impede the morning rush hour traffic but it is unlawful for any vendor to locate on or about a roundabout. The police were informed but the duty officer said vendors could sell anywhere they wished as long as they had a vendor’s license. She did not know about the law governing roundabouts and made it perfectly clear she was not going to investigate. Officer Bain at Central(the police issue these vendors licenses) also did not want to deal with the situation until it was made perfectly clear that the issue was going to go higher up the chain of command. Two weeks have past and despite others calling the police to remove Ronnie’s Mobile Kitchen it still is there every morning. We will follow up with a strongly worded letter of complaint. There are none so blind as those who have vision but will not see or in this case act.

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