A Bahamian scientist paid for the room where Blair John and Alrae Ramsey stayed –


Was that scientist the third man? Is he, too, missing? Or did he never make the trip?

ITALY| Bahamas Press is now getting more information from detectives in Italy who have tracked down the third person who secured reservations for 29-year-old Alrae Ramsey and 28-year-old Blair John.

BP can report former athlete, Redmond Fraser, a Bahamian scientist from Saint John’s University and a manager of a global giant in the field of feed, seeds and financial services for the agricultural world in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provided the payment for the room for the men found dead in the Po River this week. 

The reservation of room 320 in the B&B in via La Loggia 2 was made in his name. Detectives also confirm that it was Fraser who also provided his credit card with which the bill for the stay of the diplomat and psychologist was paid.

Fraser, John and Ramsey were all friends at St. JOHNS University. FRASER paid from the United States by a credit card for the apartment. 

So where is Redmond Fraser now? Did he join the trip or did he just facilitate the payment?

What was the reason to facilitate the accomodations for three persons at the Mirafiori B&B? The owner booked the reservations and, upon the request when booking the room, arranged for three persons to occupy the space?

Was there anyone else at the Lingotto with the two friends who were found dead? And if so, who was that third person? And where is that individual now?

Ramsey and John were pulled from the Po River in Turin, Italy on late Monday and early Tuesday, some 15 hours apart. Their suitcases, which were missing from the room, were found in a dumpster. But the men’s wallets and the phone of one of the pair remain missing.

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  1. Well mudda sic, how do you have so much of this information wrong? Clearly you are just pulling information from the Italian news sites as it gets leaked to the press there.

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