SAC Educator case still did not proceeded on Thursday….

Reggie Forbes in Chief Magistrate Court on Thursday.

NASSAU| Bail has been extended in the case of SAC “Black Beauty” administrator and Dean of Students, Mr. REGGIE Forbes.

Teachers and parents supported Forbes in the court proceedings today that involved a serious cuthip on a student.

Parents of the child has filed charges with the police. However, the magistrate delayed the case once again. The file for Forbes has mysteriously went missing like the Oban files. WHAT IS THIS?

Magistrate questioned why all the red colours were in her court. It was explained that SAC color is red and someone from the school is before the Court.

The Magistrate then got upset and left court refusing to sit with no order being in the court at the time.

When Forbes’ support was leaving the court, the magistrate asked if the media was outside. Then she went on to say – while laughing – she has not seen this much red since elections.

We report yinner decide!