A bisexual DNA hopeful wife catches up with him – Clean, Green and Drag Queens Part I

Another poofter in the DNA puts his wife on a sex famine, while he travels with his cross-dressing technician in the company. The political hopeful wants a seat for the DNA in Southern New Providence.

Nassau, Bahamas — The wife of a bisexual in the DNA has told her panties wearing husband, he could go green and be a drag queen all he wants, but for now, she will take advantage of the couple’s best friend in the meantime.

The setting of this true Bahamian story sits within the walls of a palatial home out in western New Providence; a $1.2 million dwelling to be exact.

The green political candidate wannabe has his eyes set on a constituency in southern New Providence, but for the moment, our star in the piece, which we would refer to as the Candy Man, is helping a DNA candidate in the west.

Now get this, the Candy Man was a hardcore FNM before being converted to follow the Green Party. In fact, records would show he is the holder of several large contracts at a number of public institutions all awarded by the Free National Movement Government.

Sources in the position to know tell us, the Candy Man is known for his act of benevolence and Christian charity, and is in partnership with a ‘High Chief’ deep inside the belly of the FNM and a senior officer in Health care.  The ‘High Chief’, according to friends, is also a BIG-TIME ‘Poofter’ and the pair have in the past traveled together on long excursions of fun and frolic before the company was formed. But here is where we begin our exclusive.

You see, the wife of the Candy Man has had it with her husband’s cheating ways, and has decided to turn the marital home into a rugby playground of extra sexual exploits of her own. Friends tell us, the husband has put the wife on a sex famine for more than a year now, and since the formation of the Green Party, he has further left abandoned with her illuminating sexual desires.

Now get this, while her CEO husband campaigns with his designer clothes and ‘poofter’ friends, his wife sits idle in that huge lavish home, only wearing a green G-string at times.

The wife we know, is young dark and lovely Bahamian beauty in her twenties, and is determined to have a child before she reaches the age of 30 by all means.

A few weeks ago, agents connected to the family, scaled the walls of the mansion as they investigated the activities of the Candy Man, and what they uncovered inside the walls was indeed shocking.

The wife was overheard telling friends how sick and tired she was of the Candy Man’s ungodly bisexual ways, and was prepared to call it quits in the marriage. She suspected how her husband was having a deep relationship with one of his male technicians at the company, but that’s not all.

Documents shown to us revealed a plane ticket was purchased for the pair [Candy Man and the Technician], as they traveled to the US just a few weeks ago on Sky Bahamas. And that’s not all.

The wife’s suspicions increased when a few days ago, the same male technician dropped some documents at the home. According to friends of the wife, that same technician returned to work following the trip bragging to other employee about the good treatment he received while away. In fact, explicit details were revealed in that conversation on how the technician took care of the boss’ sexual needs.

However, while all this was happening, guess what was happening in the bedroom when the Candy Man returned? The room door opens; the green G-string is on the floor and story soon to be told only on BP ga force someone to pour a glass of NightTrain….Stay Tuned.


  1. Why you all running scared change have to come , if a sissy dog run on the dna ticket right now in this election he will win , this will be just like the election of 2002. Amen.

  2. Ian Ferguson sure upset about this sissy-mess. You need to change ya name to the ‘sugar-coat’ king. You need to stop defending immorality and wickedness.

    I’m sure if you had your way, Parliament would be filled from stem-to-stern with strippers, pooftahs, wife-beaters, gamblers, and fellas who can’t control they woman.

    This is what Bran seems to be pushing on the people. The pickings surely can’t be that slim.

    Maybe you don’t mind voting for fellas who want to go green and be drag-queens, or for fellas who made a living walking around in sparklie draws for tips, but I don’t, and you shouldn’t get pizzy mad with others because they don’t want to either.

    Bran needs to do more vetting. He should know that aint no secret in Nassau.

  3. ”Do… Not… Answer” and ”Trashy ”…must of being living in the closet…for it is well known..homosexuals live in every part of the world..Why?..cause there are many hetrosexuals around also..in every part of the world…If your as ignorant as your trying to appear..its your rights..Homosexuals vote also..just like a hetrosexual votes as well..The FNM..has a great amount of homosexuals as well as the PLP’s..It has being realized now..by the younger generation of Bahamians.. that the PLP’s and FNM’s..’DONT’..have any main solution for this nation..What is needed right now..is a fresh new breed of bright minds to come in and direct our Bahamas in a positive direction…All this gossip and hate towards the DNA..is because both parties..are relizeing..Mr.McCartney is makeing a lot of wave in the political race…Mr.Ingraham ‘WILL’ go… Mr.Christie..is very weak..and Mr.Branville McCartney is the peoples choice in this new bread of inteligent young generation of thinkers…

  4. What does a persons sexuality have to do with the work they can do in office?? Huh?? TELL ME!! Bahamians are so IGNORANT when it comes to homosexuality. The PLP, FNM & DNA all have gay men! THEY ALL DO! ALLL ANNUM!!!! Quite frankly I don’t give a Rat’s *** who you decide to lay with in the privacy of your bedroom. Once you doing your work in office that should be all that matters. Further more, election time coming up so yall should know the media “scandal diggin” left right and doggone center!

    These ppl marriage and who get put on dry dock n who banging who shouldn’t be yall concern. But hey, the media takes pleasure in airing ppl personal laundry..until it hits home that is.

    • Boy this story sure hit some nurves today. You should have seen the photo when it was shown to branville at the Party over the weekend.


      • There is a fine line between legally acceptable spreading of innuendo and rumor,the making of defamatory statements, and libel…
        BUT you should know this MR. OR MS. BP

        Is this a “news”(gossip column)site or a creditable source?

        I agree with Ian.

        Let’s waste our time with the so called “squalor” of a man’s personal life, while the country is going to crap. People are physically and mentally in bondage, yet we waste energy on watching a man who is obviously moving forward. We are standing still watching as his a*@ PASSING US driving to his “1.2 million $” house. HAHAHAHA! Boy MY PEOPLE Stupid!

  5. You have lost all creditaliblity with me , with illegitmate gossip . Like the person mentioned this is peoples life you are dealing with and with your reckless unethical writing could possibly cause havoc on a household whether the story is true or false it has NOTHING to do with the political party or an actual politician at that. The writter of this article only displayed his amusement of gossip nothing else . I actually never knew you were a gossip mag. I guess i learned something new today .#GETITTOGERTHER!!!!

  6. Can someone please tell me why Bran entertaining all these drag queens and men-luving-men fellas. He really needs to vet these people properly.I mean, how hard is it to get information on somebody’s sex life in Nassau.

    Trust me, it aint that hard. All you have to do is ask three people (at maximum) and you will get all the inside scoops and loopty-loops ya need. As an example, I been in Green Parrots on Satday and find-out all kind of draws and panties bzness. Like who taking viagra and who poonany stink.

    Plus, what dam man is going to put his wife on a sex starve for a whole dam year, or have the ability to carry that out. I think the gal put him on sex-starve punishment, and then to put salt on the would, walk around in a dam g-string.

    I read somewhere that some gals like men to take the coochie, so maybe she wanted him to man-up and take his tings by brute force.

    Whatever going on in that house is a recipe for disaster, and I doubt it will end well. Bran sure throwing in the towel early with his selections. The drag queen, the stripper now the big-pooftah. This too much too soon.

  7. according to what i read this drag queen walking around with chit on he @#$% so what so private about that? the wife have the rights to juice on him, he don’t want that sweet thing god give men. he want go up that chitty one way street. if the wife need any help sexually she can call me up @ 1-800-suck breast.

  8. according to what i read this drag queen walking around with chit on he @#$% so what so private about that? the wife have the rights to juice on him, he don’t want that sweet thing god give men. he want go up that chitty one way street. if the wife need any help sexually she can call me up @ 1-800-suck breast.

  9. Bunch of rubbish..Just reading between the lines..could see 3/4 off this story was made up..just to build up your readers..You will reap what you sow..Seems Bahamians love shyte like this..till it comes upon their own..Bahamian people..the so call Christian Nation..loves seeing pain thrown upon another..The real story behind Sodom and Gomorrah was just that..loveing and looking out for those considered strangers..and loveing one another..We and all who love reading storys of this sort..are just that..SODOMITES!!..Rapeing each others rep..and showing no love to strangers…

    • Well Ian if you seek to put Bahamas Press to the test before the story is completed go right ahead. But If I was you I would not threaten the editor and writer on this one. The paper trails are endless, the contracts are authentic and the story is an real as the security contract granted to the owner of the company. If you push us we would and could use names. Even the full name of the technician. Please, DON’T PUSH US!


  10. this is somebody’s marraige BP, why would you guys do this to someone’s marraige? What goes on in the matrimonal home is nobody’s business and should not have been made public. This is a new low BP, everytime i think Ive gained respect for you guys, you go and do some shyt like this. This is not a political issue, this is somebodys LIFE

    • I have read most of the comments written above. I am not a person who enjoys peoples’ business, especially if it is this nagative, but if married couples would behave as such, nothing will be leaked from their bedroom, and the news media would not be able to threathen peoples’ “peaceful” lives. I believe that God is the Judge, and there is no human being on earth that has the “yard stick” by which to judge another human…. Let’s report up-lifting and enlightening information. Homosexuality has been around since God created man this is nothing new, and I am not interested in anyone else’s sins; I don’t support corruption neither immorality…. the nation seems to have gone to the dogs, it’s worst than Sodom and Gomorrah – find a solution for the murders and the cholera that is being imported from our neighbours in the South, otherwise we will soon be a forgotton Island Nation!

    • These old sissy niggas!!
      Jah need to burn them up.
      Can’t stand that man!!!!!!
      And this politician system……CURROPT!!!!

    • The standard of our communication is in need of serious review; have we given ourselves over to being depraved? May the grace of Yahweh be upon our thinking so that it transfers to our land. For certainly as a man thinks in his heart so is he. Let us set a higher standard for the office and of those that would aspire to lead this country.

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