Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press can confirm the woman shot at the Texaco Service Station on Wulff Road near Kemp Road last evening is a 39 year-old preschool teacher at the Uriah McPhee Primary School.

Her name is Denise Adderley.

We can also confirm the victim, Ms. Adderley, has submitted just days prior to the shooting, a request had been made in the courts to have her suspect shooter [Taxi #55] barred over to the peace.

That court hearing was sent for next week. School officials and students are at this hour are gathered to pay respects to their fallen colleague.

The suspect now in police custody is a taxi driver and police reservist, who worked part-time at the Coral Towers taxi stand. His taxi number is #55.


  1. Michael J. Brown,

    I like that quote from: A former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force who once said “a good Police Force was one, which captures more crooks than it has in its ranks”.

    The sad thing about our Police Force is that most of the investigators are looking for a criminal outside, when in fact the culprit is in uniform.

    • Wisdom, this quote was by the late Sir. Robert Mark who was charged with cleaning up corruption in the Metropolitan Police( the Met) when he became Commissioner. His cleanup included the jailing of corrupt police officers as well as the head of the Mets of Anti-Corruption Unit!!

  2. bahamas press…yall keep doing a good job hear…people like to hate on yall…but man yall is be on point with the news i must say….and to the victims family have my condolences….it breaks my heart to everytime i listen someone eles is killed….my GOD have mercy on us all

  3. A former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force once said that “a good Police Force was one which capturs more crooks than it has in its ranks”.There is something very wrong with the RBPF and the politicians are to blame whether they accept it or not.Putting more police and cars on the roads has proven not to work. It is time for RBPF to accept this and really think about a strategy to control crime. Notice that i said “control”.RBPF nor any other police force will ever eradicate crime especially murders. Many of these[murders] are spontaneous events or, so well planned that they may be undetecetable as the courts show. What RBPf should concentrate on are the things they can eradicate such as bums on Bay Street, insane Jitney drivers and the other nuisances which affect our quality of life and leave Bahamians in fear.

  4. BP you think that Police is one of the officers who attacked the young lady by the Straw Market on Thursday?
    I said if they did that to her in broad day light. GOD help her if they catch her in the dark.

    See this is a LARGE PROBLEM we are dealing with in this country. “Some” bad police officers commits grave injustices and their IDENTITY is not release to the public to see who are the DIRTY COPS.

    Example: When those officers in the USA beat Rodney King, the officers PHOTOS AND IDs were posted all over the world.
    This brings fear in corrupt cops, to think twice in committing these blatant transgressions.

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