Why cannot Ingraham and The FNM Celebrate the Majority Rule Day?


Can someone please tell us, why is it the Free National Movement cannot celebrate Majority Rule Day if they are not indeed the UBP? Why is Hubert Ingraham so angered by the occasion?


  1. We should still observe and celeberate this historic day even if the politicans don’t want too.

    Eventually, the Bahamian people would become aware of the significence of this day.

    Wear your Majority Rule t shirts, bags and hats. Have a Majority Rule junkanoo rush out and end with a church service and family fun day.

    Interest will grow as well as enlightenment to the struggle.

  2. BP, you should know about who has shame or not. You sold your father out and felt no remorse.So lets not start talking about shame blackbelt Gorman

  3. The reason is because it is political. Just as you are now making it political to say the Prime Minister is angry about the event.

    You need to easy up off your abuse of the PM he is a Bahamian and has contributed to this country greatly.

    You have no shame and you who are nothing more then a thug need to just rethink the way you want the PLP to be reelected cause you may be the vehicle by which the PLP would be defeated.

    In wave of the sad events in the U S A this past weekend I urge the PLP to remove their involvement with you and please stop this nonsense.

    YOU HAVE NO SHAME, you are a national disgrace.

    I now ask all to Pray for our Prime Minister as he seeks to work in the best interest of the people of the Bahamas.

    God Bless Our Bahamas.

    • what we need is anational TURN IN YOUR WEAPONS AND DRUGS DAY and a national STOP SWEET HEARTING DAY..stop this political bull..sh but balck wht…and get real and save some lives and the family…ok

    • He cannot and will not celebrate majority rule day because he represents the special interest group, and they don’t nor will they ever celebrate it because they never wanted it in the first place, so we are not knocking him down or trying to make him look bad but lets be honest here the man can not celebrate what his masters do not plain and simple.

  4. The question should be why cannot the FNM or the PLP celebrate Majority Rule Day. The PLP while in power never moved to make it a holiday or a day to be commemorated in schools etc. The FNM is same. So, ask both political parties. Also, neither political party moved on the legislation to proclaim our Discovery Day holiday National Heroes Day. Ask both political parties.

    • That is so typical. Ask both parties? Or, such and such happens on both sides!

      Whenever a question is asked about a political party, instead of answering the question as it relates to that particular party we duck the question, and instead, say something about the other party or try to include them in the question.

      Whew! For once, I wish someone would answer a question about the FNM without dragging the PLP into the question/answer, or a question about the PLP, without dragging the FNM into it!!!

      It is so annoying, and no question is ever answered. Just a lot of shouting or hemming and hawing.

      • Well, they are one in the same so you could imagine why they are always linked together. Sides of the same coin my friend.

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