BREAKING UPDATE: A Woman is pronounced dead at this hour following a shooting at Texaco Wulff Road


BREAKING UPDATE: The woman shot in the parking lot at Texaco Wulff Road was pronounced dead just minutes ago

Bahamas Press can confirm the woman was shot 3 times about the body. The fatal shooting occurred at 10PM less than :30 minutes ago.

Police we are told now have the shooting suspect who fled the scene of the crime in a white taxi. The shooter was captured by police in the Fox Hill area just seconds ago.

Standby for footage of this 3rd homicide for 2011 and 189th murder since 2009.


  1. my heart goes out to family of the victim my family is stil mourning the lost of my daughter brutually murdered on adelaide beach,,,am pleading to please HANG these heartless murderers

    • oh lord Jesus we all need to fast and pray only god can fix what is broken we cant take the law in our own hands i know we have some serious people out there who do things to others but come on and i know when you go to the police they look as you as if you crazy some wont even take your statement when one report most of the things no police trying to find out what going on the min you walk out the station they put the paper down and that the end of the story people been committing fraud you report it no one do nothing so it like what ever buck up goes in the force. we went to make few complain at a station the police woman who was sitting at the desk saw us and she do as if we wasn’t there she was reading the punch and texting on her phone, we stood their for a hour until a male office saw us and ask if he can help and that woman didn’t even move a finger or her head so you see what type of people we dealing with on the force

  2. Six shots to the head and the upper chest was what a woman suffered in a fatal shooting at Texaco Wulff Road tonight. The woman died on the scene and is believed to be between the age of 25 and 30.


  3. Bahamas Press is reporting police now in the FOX HILL community has taken into custody a man suspected of shooting a woman at the Wulff Road Texaco Station shortly after 10PM. The woman was fatally shot three times about the body. My her soul rest in peace.


  4. Bahamas Press is reporting a lock-down in the Fox Hill Community is happening at this hour as police are set to take down a speeding white taxi now in the area.


    • BP, thanks for your informive reporting i just hope and pray that it is none of my love ones, this county realy needs prays.

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