A BP INVESTIGATION >>> $1.6 million dollars and Climbing… BPL investigation deepens as BIGTIME FNM gets caught in millions scammed out of BEC!


It’s Da People’s Time! OR IS IT DA THIEFIN TIME? Crooks at BEC set to get off with dismissal!

Consumers packed on the line of BEC at the MALL AT MARATHON BRANCH. NASSAU GUARDIAN FILE PHOTO.

Nassau, Bahamas – While the press will get locked out of Parliament at its opening tomorrow and only the few allowed to enter, Bahamas Press is directing reporters to join our investigative team down at BPL where we now understand the theft there has climbed to a whopping one point six million dollars [$1.6m]!

Sources at the heart of the crime investigation now tell us, while a small number of junior staff members at BPL are being sent home and blamed for the bold heist, and those on leave are being fired to cover the crimes, three persons at the centre of the accounts department are being allowed to operate as if they are not a part of the fleecing at the Public Corporation.

We can confirm at least two individuals have been fired. And possibly will go into hiding so detectives cannot find dem. They are the fall guys.

BP, however, is not blaming the junior staff for the damnable acts that occurred at BPL, but are looking more closely at a senior manager and her two sub managers, who were responsible for the approval and sign off of all cheques. In fact, we don’t know if detectives are watching the backgrounds of these senior staff managers but one of them was fired from a major insurance company for the same kinds of ‘thiefin’ acts; a crime that never went to court. THIS IS SERIOUS!

Sources tell us vendors who were paid had a second cheque issued in their company name, but those second cheques were kept for cashing by the BPL inside culprits.

Now we ga help investigators because, in order for a cheque to be cashed, it must then mean that someone presented the cheques into a bank account. Which means some banker assisted them to be deposited and cleared.

This investigation now underway at BEC will show us in the country one thing; How did the FNM senior officer at BPL get away with this for a second time at a major company? The press is quiet and those investigating these developments are HUSH HUSH! We ga wait on more details and as we did at NIB…YOUR BP WILL BE THE FLY ON THE WALL!

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION NOW: So while BAIC was all in the news with the loud reports over a television and a hard drive, with staffers spending overnight in jail then released, this investigation at BPL is all quiet. No one in jail or detained. Persons being fired quietly while involving millions and it can’t make the newspapers. BOY I TELL YA prepare for a higher bill next month!


We report yinner decide!