A cousin murders another on Williams Drive just off St. Vincent Road just before noon today


BAHAMAS PRESS BREAKING NEWS HAPPENING NOW JUST OFF ST. VINCENT ROAD!!! We are reporting police are now racing to the scene of the country’s latest murder. We can report the 65th incident occurred just minutes ago where two cousins stabbed up each other following an altercation. STANDBY FOR THIS BREAKING STORY….this is a bp file photo…

Another ship with almost 200 Haitian Migrants run aground in South Beach this morning – ALL GOT AWAY!!!

BREAKING NEWS HAPPENING NOW >>> Bahamas Press is reporting police and immigration officers showed up late after a Haitian Sloop illegally landed on the shores of South Beach [Baillou Hill Road South] Sources tell us it is believed as many as 200 Haitian Nationals fled into nearby bushes and got away. ALL WE say is this: NATION FOR SALE!!!